Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A heartfelt thank you & summer logistics

Thanks to the Class of 2017. It was a great year!  

The last blog of the 2016-2017 school year will focus on summer logistics and some relevant information regarding the 2017-2018 school year.  On behalf of the high school, I want to thank the community for all of their support of our school.  It is my sincere hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!

Work permits

Acquiring Work Permits Over the Summer

Work permit hours are 8:00am-2:00pm.  Due to reduced staff and flexible hours over the summer, it is recommended to call or email to schedule processing your work permit to ensure that office personnel will be available.

Students MUST be present to sign this document.  No exceptions under Massachusetts State law.

Students must bring the application to the Main Office at CCHS, where the official Work Permit will be processed. No additional documentation is required for CCHS Students.  If student is not attending CCHS, ID including date of birth is mandatory.

For Summer contact:
Ms. McElroy
Phone: 978-341-2937, email: mmcelroy@concordcarlisle.org

Ms. Tessari
Phone: 978-341-2950, email: mtessari@concordcarlisle.org

Procedure and forms:
In order to complete the employment process, you need to comply with certain legal regulations that are stipulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  All students under the age of 18 are required to obtain a Work Permit.

Follow these steps:
Step 1: Obtain a job offer from an employer.  Have them complete (and sign) the Promise of Employment form (parent/guardian must sign this form)
Step 2: Fill out the Employment Permit Application which is available by clicking here or the CCHS  Main Office.
Step 3: Students between the ages of 14-15 need to get a physician’s signature.

Release of schedules

We will be posting an updated schedule for 2017-2018 to your Aspen/X2 account on Friday, June 23, after 3:00 p.m.. The schedule will not have teacher names or study halls.

We have done our best to make changes that students have requested to their guidance counselors but some may have not been fulfilled. If your name was placed on a waitlist for a class it will remain there.

Making summer scheduling appointments

Is there an error on your schedule?  Do you have the courses you need or want?
We are happy to help explore possibilities and make available adjustments with you this summer.
Simply sign up for an appointment:
The URL to log on to make appointments is https://cchs.schoolsoft.ca  (Notice that there is no "www" in this address and ends with .ca instead of .com)
If you have used the conference manager before, you don’t have to register, you are already in the database and your password is still usable.
Once you log in use the "Available Conference Sessions" dropdown menu and select “summer schedule help” and a day that works for you. Click on "SummerHelp Guidance" name and select "next." Finally, select any available time slot that works with your schedule. Once selected you are able to make comments. Please give us a brief explanation of your concern.  If there is not a time that works for you, please check back as we will try to add a few additional appointments throughout the summer.
If you have any troubles with making an appointment, please contact Michelle McElroy (mmcelroy@concordcarlisle.org)

Posting of Q4 report cards

Final report cards for the 2016-2017 academic year have been posted in Aspen.

Open / Off campus for 2017-2018

Members of the class of 2018 and 2019 may be eligible for open and off campus privileges.  For more information, please review this letter.

If you would like to give your son/daughter permission for this privilege, please complete the open and off campus form.  This form must be completed by Sunday, August 20 in order for the information to be processed for the start of school.

Summer Sports Dates

For all back to sports dates, please visit the Athletic Department website.

Back to School Dates

New Student Upperclassman Orientation: Monday, August 28, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Freshman Orientation: Tuesday, August 29, 8:00am - 2:41pm

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 30, 8:00am

Friday, June 9, 2017

Graduation, Girls Tennis, Rivers & Revolutions, Girls Lacrosse, Spamalot, Kiefer Read, New Staff & More

Photo by Iolanda Volpe

Graduation Ceremony

On June 3rd, under partly cloudy skies and a slight sprinkle, we graduated the Class of 2017. In Class of 2017 fashion, the ceremony was exceptional filled with great music, excellent speeches by CCHS faculty member, Ashley Cohane and senior class president, Eliza Davidian.  We wish the Class of 2017 nothing but great success.  On behalf of the entire CCHS educational community, I thank you, members of the Class of 2017, for being inspirational human beings who fill us with high hopes for the future.

Michael Mastrullo's Speech

Class President, Eliza Davidian's Speech

Ashley Cohane's Commencement Address

Concord Journal 2017 Graduation Photos

Concord Journal Graduation Article

Senior Will Bojanic Concord Journal Article

Girls Lacrosse Amazing Season Continues
Wednesday night the CCHS Girls Lacrosse Team advanced to the MIAA Division 1 East Sectional Final with a 14-9 victory over league rival Westford Academy. The Patriots were paced by Junior Kylee Bowen and Freshman Fallon Vaughn (each with 4 goals and 1 assist). Senior Amelia Slade was outstanding in goal with eight saves. 

After graduating nine starters last June, many thought 2017 would be a rebuilding year. Great team chemistry and solid leadership from team captains Allie Haney, Annie Wilson, and Payton Vaughn has brought the team to a 17-3 record entering Friday night's championship game against Franklin High School. 

Photo by Wicked Local Staff Member Ann Ringwood 

Girls Tennis
The Girls Tennis team, led by coach Bob Fury and captains Maggie Dorr, Alex Muchinsky, and Rholee Xu, are enjoying a dominant season with a record of 15-2. In the first round of the playoff, CC Girls Tennis defeated Central Catholic in convincing fashion with a 5-0 victory.  The second round they defeated Burlington 4-1. 

The third round was played yesterday at Tufts University against number 1 seed Winchester. The Patriots clinched the match at second doubles when sophomores Caitlin McCarthy and Lillian Keefe won a hard fought game that propelled Girls Tennis to a 3-2 victory in the MIAA Division 2 North semifinals.  Maggie Dorr also performed well yesterday.  She has only lost 1 match all season.  That is not a typo!

Tomorrow we play Wayland for the North Title at Newton South at 4:00.  Good luck!


Rivers & Revolutions
The first event I attended after being hired to be the principal last year was the Rivers and Revolutions Exhibition of Learning which is held annually at The Umbrella.  I remember vividly listening to student presentations where they shared highlights of their experience with the audience.  I remember one student imparticular who teared up while sharing what she deemed "a life changing semester."  

I harbored similar sentiments this year when I attended the event.  Touched by the deep connections the students have formed with each other and staff. I would highly encourage any member of the community to attend this event next year.  It is truly inspiring and one of the many reasons why I feel fortunate to be the principal at CCHS. 

By Michael Goodwin
On May 24th, Rivers and Revolutions Cohort Ten celebrated the end of their semester at the Umbrella Community Arts Center. Through the stewardship program - an integral part of the Rivers experience - students designed, built, and curated the exhibition which served as the backdrop for the evening: Where am I? When am I? Spring’s Arrival Beside a Vernal Pool. Much as a vernal pool provides essential and temporary habitat for a wide array of rare and beautiful creatures, so Rivers and Revolutions creates a learning community that offers profound experiences for a diverse array of students. The event was attended by several hundred people -  including many friends, family members, and Rivers alumni. The evening culminated in a series of powerful remarks from students, including the following from recent graduate Mia Royce.

By Mia Royce
"If we look at the phrase “experiential learning,” it appears quite simply to mean, well, learning through different experiences. Upon hearing this out loud, the definition seems to be just a mere skeleton of what experiential learning means for us in Rivers. Experiential learning is: 

Being on the brink of frostbite, sitting in 3 feet of snow after a 40-minute trudge deep into Fairyland… While reading a story about an Arctic adventurer who ACTUALLY IS, in fact, quickly dying of frostbite.

It means, gathering around a little sand table and using tiny archeologist brushes to uncover an ancient fossils at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

It means, reading a poem about the great metaphor of the river meeting the sea, and then, a mere 40 minutes later, having our toes in the water watching the Concord River spew out into the Atlantic Ocean.

It means, pondering the meaning of life and living deliberately while rambling the sandy shores of Walden Pond.

Experiential learning is wandering through a tranquil arboretum, Arnold Arboretum, in the heart of the bustling city while we explore the value of hidden gems in our lives and in ourselves.

Yet still, experiential learning is more than these adventures, more than getting on a bus, and more than a bullet point on the daily agenda. Experiential learning is:

Watching my classmates’ eyes fill with wonder, with their heads tilted upwards at the swirling planetarium sky.

It is a room filled up with Oohs, Ahhs, and gasps as the glassblowers at Diablo Glass School poor lava over a tree-stump to make art.

It is seeing the toothy smile and hearing the giddy laugh of a friend as they shake dirt from the dense network of roots of an especially stubborn (and especially invasive) Buckthorn.

Experiential learning, the Rivers way, is so far beyond mere learning through experience. It is the big adventures and the little moments that really teach us what it means to love a cohort and how to be curious and excited about each other and the world."

The event marked the conclusion of five years of the program. At this point, 500 students have been through the program, and area schools have been taking notice. We are proud that Rivers receives visitors from schools across the state on a regular basis as these communities aim to create interdisciplinary, experiential programs of their own. This year alone, Rivers faculty and students have been working with the following communities: Danvers, Charlestown, Weston, Scituate, Wellesley, Duxbury, Shrewsbury, and St. Mark’s. 

Please note that there are still several slots available for both the fall and spring semesters school year 2017-2018. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to your guidance counselor and Michael Goodwin (migoodwin@concordcarlisle.org) as soon as possible. 

For a detailed description of the program, as well as a full collection of student testimonials and access to print and television coverage, please visit: www.riversandrevolutions.or

Best, Worst Designer In The World?
By Michael Hamblin
Kiefer Reed is a sophomore at CCHS and a member of our Robotics team. Recently he entered a design competition held by Make Magazine. He did this through his own initiative and not as part of any course or program here at the school. 

This was a wide-open competition across the world open to all ages. While the contest was for the design of a practical joke the effort and design ingenuity is not a joke.  It takes great skill. 

Follow the link for more information about the competition and details about Kiefer's accomplishment.

Spamalot Production
The CCHS production of Spamalot was nominated for an amazing 8 awards. The Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild's Musical Theatre Awards will be held Saturday, June 24.  Good luck!

Concord Patch Article

Congratulations to Our New Staff

Congratulations to our new staff for completing a successful first year.  They have worked very hard to connect, engage, and inspire our students.  Well done!  Thank you to Iolanda Volpe for running the mentor program that allowed our new teachers to not only get acclimated to our new school but also to grow as educators.  

Back Row (Left to Right): Stephanie Omobono (Math) Sarah Khan (Math) Amanda Thompson (Science)  Marie Stevens (English) Sue O'Connor (ELL) Andrew Fall (Science) 

Front Row (Left to Right): Matt Rudman (Guidance) Ryan Palmer (Science) Hollie Haycock (World Languages)

Not Pictured: Jenna Lashley (H&F) (Kori Pasternak (WL) James Truncer (Science)
(photo credit  C. Smith)

Summer Reading

By Robin Cicchetti
The CCHS faculty is also building a reading culture! In our third year of reading we are The
Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. We invite you to join us in reading the winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize.

Here is a list of what members of the CCHS will be reading over the summer. Following that are some recommendations of favorite books
Summer Faculty Reading

What are you reading?
With the wonderful summer months comes time to slow down, unplug, and read. In addition to our recommended list of wonderful books, we also have some additional resources to get you thinking about the importance of reading in our world. Members of the CCHS faculty have also shared some of their summer reading selections. In the fall, as a way to reconnect after the vacation, we will discuss summer reading during advisory.

CCHS Learning Commons 2017 Summer Reading Recommendations

Be Thoreau
Join Be Thoreau, an online conversation on learning led by Thoreau, Concord Public Schools, Concord-Carlisle Regional School District, and Concord Museum. Read more about the project or contribute your own creative media to the conversation at:http://www.concordps.org/be-thoreau / 

Summer Work Permit Information
Summer Work Permit Procedure

Friday, June 2, 2017

Graduation, Student Art Work, Chorus Concert, Sarah Hutchinson, Q5 Promotional Video & More

Please join us tomorrow as we celebrate the great Class of 2017.  Graduation begins at 11:00 am.  Please read the Graduation FAQ for detailed information about the Graduation Ceremony.  Appropriately, I have shared some amazing art from members of the senior class. See you tomorrow!

Last week's Blog featured an update on Q5.  

Please check out the short Q5 promotional video created by CCHS Sophomore Princeton Chang. The video features students: Sophie Fisher, Tim Benn, and staff members Dr. Mike Vela, Mr. Ryan Palmer, & Mr. Andy Fall.  It is worth your time!

Q5 Promotional Video

CCHS Playoff Bound
Congratulations to our teams that have qualified for the state tournament!

Boys lacrosse traveled to North Attleboro on Thursday and won an exciting overtime match. John Mulligan scored with 8 seconds left in regulation and again in overtime to propel the Patriots to round 2.

Girls Tennis beat Central Catholic on Thursday.

Girls Softball is the number one seed and will play home Friday at 3:00 PM

Girls Lacrosse is the number two seed and will play on Friday at home as well at 4:00 PM

Caring 4 Cameroon
At CCHS, our students value service for and with others on both a local and international level. In 2014, Daria Pietropaolo joined the two types of service by working locally for an international cause. Daria Pietropaolo met with some friends to learn from a priest visiting from Cameroon about the struggles of a secondary school located in the remote and impoverished region of northern Cameroon. 

From that meeting, Daria, along with Caroline Zacharchuk of Westford Academy and Emma Tonies of Carlisle Public Schools, decided to join forces with Fr. Augustin Vondou to form Caring 4 Cameroon, an organization with a mission to provide school supplies, sports equipment and academic scholarships for these students. The efforts and energy of this founding team quickly expanded over the past two years under the mentorship of Linda Tonies and the volunteer efforts from a variety of other local students who became involved in Caring 4 Cameroon fundraising, including the CCHS Interact Club, Carlisle Middle School Early Act Club, and support from Westford Academy students. 

Daria and Caroline have been able to mentor Emma Tonies and Kiley Pietropaolo as they bring a unique middle school perspective to the organization. The group’s work has allowed the school to grow both student population and quality of study. For more information please visit Caring 4 Cameroon’s Facebook page or email them at caring4cameroon@gmail.com.

Concord Art Student Exhibit (Senior Portfolios)

Sunny Tang's Art Portfolio (Concord Art Show Winner)

Portions of Mia Royce's Portfolio (Concord Art Show Winner)

Peter Gramaglia's Portfolio (Concord Art Show Winner)

Daria Pietropaolo (Concord Art Show Award Winner)

Chorus Concert
The recent Chorus Concert was a great success as the students performed beautifully. Our chorus teacher, Ms. Deborah Smith, had this to say, "this was not your run-of-the-mill Chorus concert, as you can see by the accompanying pictures."  The pictures of the very animated singers are from our Beauty and thMedleyt medley.  The ones with purple lighting are from, you guessed it, Purple Rain. Barry Singer (accompanist) and I did the arrangement featured in the video. The guitarist is Will Beakley, from Orchestra and Jazz Band, and the soloists are Victoria Blaides, '17, and Adam Riley, '19.  All the kids really outdid themselves that night. I am so proud of them!"

Chorus Concert Video Clip

CCHS Student Named to Girls Scouts Board of Directors
Sarah Hutchinson was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.  Her appointment to the prestigious position is impressive as she is 1 of only 4 who are selected out of a large field of applicants. A very impressive young lady.  Congratulations, Sarah.

My name is Sarah Hutchinson, and I am a junior at CCHS. Recently, I was selected to serve a one-year term as a voting member on the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Board of Directors as one of four girl board members. 

As a girl member, I represent 35,000 other girls from Eastern Massachusetts by bringing the girl’s perspective and insight to the Board. Over the course of the coming year, it is my job to help improve Girl Scouting to give girls of all ages and backgrounds interesting and relevant opportunities.

Girl Board members apply in January, and are selected through a rigorous process including written essays, recommendations, a resume, and a panel interview. After being selected, I was voted in at the Annual Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Board Meeting on May 10, and will prepare for and attend meetings throughout the coming year. 

I am a third-generation Girl Scout, and have been in Girl Scouting since Kindergarten. In elementary school, I earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award with my group by conducting the first food drive for children’s snack bags at OpenTable. This project was so successful that OpenTable has continued these drives for the past six years to ensure that all children in the community have healthy snacks for school. During middle school, I earned the Girl Scout Silver Award by creating the Passport to Concord Natural Lands. By bringing together two non-profits, the town government, and two state agencies, I researched and produced a resource for families to explore local natural spaces and to encourage outdoor engagement in the community. This publication is available on the town’s website. Currently, I am working towards my Girl Scout Gold Award with The Children’s Room, a non-profit that offers peers support to teens, children and families who have had an immediate family member die. I am developing a training curriculum to prepare grieving teens to volunteer in a new program that will help grieving children cope effectively with their losses. Teens in the program will also connect with The Children’s Room, give back to an organization that has helped them, and gain valuable leadership skills. 

Girl Scouts offers these awards and other opportunities to help girls develop and exercise leadership skills and to discover, connect and take action in their communities to make the world a better place. It is an honor to have been selected as a girl member of the Board. I am looking forward to serving in the coming year to help improve and make more accessible the opportunities for girls so they can fully benefit from the Girl Scouting experience.

Gabby Shieh
Congrats to CC's Gabby  Shieh who shot even par and won the MIAA girls golf North sectional.

Student Senate Election Results

Class of 2018
Justin Moy
Lili Shoup
Johnny Hudson
Jackson Champey
Michael Levinger
Jakob Levin

Class of 2019
Zoe Macy
Iris Chen
Justin Reed
Elizabeth Peppercorn
Olivia Coutre
James Irza-Leggat

Class of 2020
Emily Harrington
Olivia Mueller
Lucas Wilbur
Aliana Potter
William Crounse
Elise Dohoney

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Q5 Update, Asa Szegvari, Michael Levinger, Cooper Ernst, Ben Tull, Student Newspaper, Class Election Results, & More

I am excited to provide an update on the new CCHS initiative known as Q5.  In my April 5th Principal's Blog, I introduced the exciting new initiative set to begin in June 2018. Since then a committee, led by Dr. Michael Vela, comprised of students, staff, and parents has been busy working on questions and logistical challenges.  

Assistant Principal, Brian Miller, has created a Q5 Course Catalog.  The staff did a remarkable job developing preliminary course offerings, and, as you will see in the catalog, it truly is an excellent array of offerings for CCHS kids!  Please take the time to review some of the offerings included in the catalog.  

These are the preliminary offerings we plan to share with students next week to gauge interest.  Seminar courses will be finalized in October.

Knowing the wealth of knowledge present in the three communities we serve: Concord, Carlisle, and Boston; we see this as an opportunity to engage with community members to further enrich the Q5 experience for students and staff. 

After reviewing the preliminary course proposals, please complete the attached form if you are willing and able to offer support.  We fully expect levels of community support to exist on a continuum.  For example, perhaps you have an idea you want to share after reading the seminar course proposal, or you have a contact in an industry or field of study that will enhance the opportunity for students and staff.  No idea is too big or too small, your input and participation is welcome and wanted.  

CCHS Q5 Mission Statement 
Q5 is an immersive learning experience leveraging the curiosity, knowledge, and passions of students and faculty to foster complex thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Q5 complements our academic program and seeks to inspire students and faculty to pursue shared interests and ideas.

Students Film Wins An Emmy
The Student Production Awards, sponsored by NATAS (The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, who also sponsor the Emmy awards), was held at the WGBH building in Boston. Cooper Ernst and Ben Tull accepted the award for best special effects. Joe Bodenrader, Adam Gooder, and the students' families were in attendance. It was a wonderful event honoring outstanding young filmmakers from high schools throughout the region.     

Ben & Cooper's Film

Please be advised that the film is not yet rated, but it includes PG-13 rated imagery.

CCHS Student Competes in Sled Dog Championships
Asa Szegvari CCHS ’19 represented the United States this past winter in the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports World Championships held in Haliburton, Ontario. As one of 258 teams representing 11 nations, Asa and his team of dogs vied for a medal during this 10-day competition. After 3-consecutive days of sprinting 7 km each day, they received a silver medal in the 4-dog junior class. They were the fastest North American 4-dog team competing at these championships. 

It was a terrific season overall for Asa, and although the snow season has passed, he has been invited to return this summer to Skeikampen, Norway where he will participate in a weeklong international camp for junior mushers.  

Student Newspaper
Read the Voice's Spoof Issue! Teacher Prom, One-to-One Puppy Program, CC Cleanest School in the State, and More! http://www.cchsvoice.org/

CCHS Literary & Arts Magazine
CCHS Literary & Arts Magazine is on sale.  If you would like a copy, please contact Greg Coan: gcoan@concordcarlise.org.  The cost of the magazine is $10.  

Spanish Class Debuts On WIQH
By Becky Teiwes
On Sunday, May 21st at 7 p.m. and again on Sunday, June 4th at 5 p.m. there is a special presentation by a Spanish 2 Honors class. You'll hear a brief introduction in Spanish and English followed by 19 songs hand-picked by the students to highlight a favorite Latino/a musician or group. 

After learning about the importance of using the language in a real-life context, the students were inspired to create their own radio program. Initially, the students thought it might be fun to create their own telenovela podcast series....and that might still happen. At this point, we thought we'd start our adventure in the world of radio with a tribute to the many amazing musicians and songs that are a part of the Latino music industry.

So tune in! We promise you'll enjoy it and even if you don't speak Spanish, you'll still get a chance to try some new music! If you do speak Spanish, we hope you'll forgive the grammar and pronunciation errors that are part of every students' learning process. 

Before I was a Spanish teacher, I studied abroad in Seville, Spain and I spent most of that semester listening to the Colombian musician Carlos Vives. Listening to and figuring out the meaning of his lyrics helped me with my pronunciation and vocabulary and I attribute most of my success using the language to wandering the streets of Seville back in 2000 listening to Carlos Vives music. 

So who knows what will come of this? Luke Pautler even worked with Mr. Ned Roos from WIQH to edit his own recording so maybe we have some future producers in our class. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to do this again in the future. 

NY Times Editorial Award
Congratulations to Michael Levinger, Class of 2018,  for earning a Runners-Up in the New York Times 2017 Student Editorial Contest.  Michael was one of the thousands of entries in the nationwide competition. His editorial entitled, "Drone Warfare: The Failing Fight Against the Modern Hydra" earned him a top 25 finish. Congratulations, Michael!

Prom Photos
The students and staff had a great time at the Prom.  Thanks to all the chaperones and advisors who made the night possible.  

The prom photos are available to download or purchase prints online from the site below.  

Once there, click on the CCHS Prom gallery, or on the “Enter Gallery Password” link, and enter the following password: cchsprom17  (all letters in lower case)

MFA Field Trip
Students of Mandarin & French visited the MFA.  An enriching and awe-inspiring field trip. Ms. Smith and her students were blown away by the Matisse Exhibit.

Spring Sports Update
Tuesday was a good day at CCHS with both the girls and boy Lacrosse teams winning. Girls tennis beat Lincoln-Sudbury 4-1 and the Boys Volleyball Team lost 3 close games 23-25, 19-25, 21-25. Seedings fro the state tournaments will come out next week.

2Volunteer Info. For Rising Freshmen

Class Government Election Results
Senate Moderator: Phoebe Meyerson
Senate Secretary: Mariya Shtiliyanova
School Committee Representative: Ariel Waldman

Class of 2018
President: Emma Garrison
Vice Presidents: Scott Crosby and Ruchi Naidu
Secretary: Daisy Kielty
Treasurer: CJ Israel

Class of 2019
President: Charlie Cook
Vice Presidents: Julian Henry and Arjie Nanda
Secretary: Odin Doolittle
Treasurer: Cooper Meyer

Class of 2020
President: Mihir Singh
Vice Presidents: Cynthia Li and Kenneth Liu
Secretary: Luke Pautler
Treasurer: Sarah McMorrow

Photos from the amazing Pops Concert!

Picture by Owen Curtain
Picture by Ned Roos

Picture by Ned Roos

Picture by Ned Roos

Senior Awards Night 
Academic achievement and graduation awards for Seniors
Date: May 30
Time: 6:30
Location: CCHS Dining Commons

Senior Banquet
Date: May 31
Time: 6:30
Location: Nashawtuc Country Club

Celebrating the Class of 2017
Date: June 3
Time: 11:00am
Location: CCHS