Friday, March 24, 2017

End-of-Year Info., Lydia Carroll, Robotics, Alexandra Hoey, Chao Cheng, Mariya Shtiliyanova, Nordic Skiing & More

Beyond dates on a calendar, there are different landmarks and road markers we mentally identify with to distinguish where we reside in the school year.  Perhaps it is Labor Day and Memorial Day, or the beginning and end of the four academic quarters and two academic semesters.  Maybe it is fall, winter, & spring athletic seasons, or winter & spring music performances.  For some, MCAS testing & AP testing serves as the landmark signifying spring is officially here.

Incredible to believe, but today is day 126, and we are nearly three-quartes through the school year. With bitter cold temperatures and snow-covered tennis courts and athletic fields, we are eagerly anticipating the warm weather and end-of-the year activities and ceremonies. With this in mind, we would like to inform every one of the dates and times of several planned events. As a reminder, all events are posted on the CCHS calendar on our website.

The following are some of the scheduled award ceremonies along with graduation information:

Class Act Awards
Celebrating Community Service achievements
Date: May 4
Time: 6:00pm
Location: CCHS Auditorium & Dining Commons

METCO Senior Dinner
Farewell to METCO Seniors
Date: May 12
Time: 7:00
Location: CCHS Dining Commons

Junior Class Awards Night
Academic achievement and Book Awards for Juniors
Date: May 17
Time: 6:00
Location: CCHS Dining Commons

Senior Awards Night 
Academic achievement and graduation awards for Seniors
Date: May 30
Time: 6:30
Location: CCHS Dining Commons

Celebrating the Class of 2017
Date: June 3
Time: 11:00am
Location: CCHS

Please note a change to the award distribution this year for Freshmen and Sophomores.  Students will receive awards as customary.  Further, we will celebrate the achievements in various electronic communications.  Due to sparse attendance over the last few years, we will no longer hold an evening event for Freshmen and Sophomores.  Students will receive awards in the mail.

Concord Grads Kate Merrill & Ray Pavlik
CBS Boston launched a new promo on-the-air recently. CCHS is featured in the opening shot!  They also launched a vignette for Kate Merrill, and it featured the high school and our own Ray Pavlik.

Alex Burt '19, Henry Johnstone '19, Tyler Lee '17, Lydia Yoder '17, Ayden Nichol '19, Phoebe Myerson '19

Nordic Skiing
By Jeff Campbell
CCHS entered many of its top Nordic skiers in the annual Eastern High School Championships on March 17-19 at Mountain Top Nordic Center in Vermont. Out of a field of over 200 of the best high school skiers in New England and New York, in the overall standings (3 events combined), Tyler Lee finished 21st, Henry Johnstone was 55th, and Ayden Nichol was 70th among all boys. Phoebe Meyerson finished 38th and Lydia Yoder was 54th among all girls. Races included a 5 km freestyle, 7.5 km classic, and 1.2 km sprint event, plus team relays. Recent snow falls and cold temps produced perfect racing conditions for the season's premier Nordic ski event. Congratulations to all these athletes for representing CCHS on the Massachusetts EHS team. A recap of the weekend from the NENSA site appears here:

Left to right: Charles Wang, Kenny Liu, Chao Cheng, and David Jiang.

Academic Bowl
Todd Sawyer, CCHS English teacher, and several of our students participated in an Academic Bowl tournament at MIT last weekend.  The CCHS squad joined 12 other area schools in the annual MIT Academic Tournament. Our school was well represented by the team of Chao Cheng, Charles Wang, Kenny Liu, and David Jiang. We were able to win four matches during the day against some tough opponents.  Nice work, all.

Mathematical Competition
Congratulations to Alexandra Hoey, Chao Cheng, & Mariya Shtiliyanova for performing exceptionally well in a recent math competition.  Alexandra, Chao, and Mariya scored well enough on the AMC 12 to earn them an invitation to the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME.)

Alexandra Hoey, who scored in the top 1% in the country (placing her in the Distinguished Honor Roll category), took the AIME II.  Chao Cheng and Mariya Shtiliyanova, who both scored in the top 5% in the country, took the AIME I.

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) sponsors a series of 4 competitions for the purpose of providing an opportunity for high school students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers.  Students who do well on the first test in this series, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), are invited to participate in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME.)  If they do well on this exam, they will be asked to participate in the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad, which leads the way to a position on the United States team for the  International Mathematical Olympiad competition.

Sportsmanship Awards
Congratulations to Ben Caruso Kristina Webster.  Both were selected by the Merrimack Valley/Dual County - Small, to receive the 2017 Boston Bruins-MIAA Sportsmanship Award. 

Chris Ruediger & Concert Benefit
Come hear musicians Patrick Nero of Acton-Boxborough, Lauren Weintraub of Lincoln-Sudbury, and our own Chris Ruediger and TOS (feat. Jonathan Sommers) to raise money for Samaritans Suicide Prevention at the Concord-Carlisle High School Auditorium on Friday, March 24from 7:30-10:00 pm. Tickets are $8 online, purchase tickets: Click Here or $10 at the door with 100% of the proceeds being donated to support suicide prevention. We welcome families, friends, kids of all ages to join together and help support this amazing program. We hope to see you there!  

Further, senior Chris Ruediger (Class of 2017) has just released his Debut Single “Summertime Story.” To support Chris, please buy his single and be sure to like his page. Your support on social media goes a long way in helping the artist with air play and gig. Just a few minutes clicking links can make a big difference!  

You can listen and purchase the single at:…/summertime-story-si…/id1208891040  It is also available on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio

CCHS  Robotics
Our Robotics Team is off to a fantastic start. Faculty Advisers and CCHS physics & engineering teachers Michael Hamblin and Elaine Picard along with seventeen CCHS  students and several community volunteers have competed in a series of competitions. The FIRST Robotics Competition was held  at Bridgewater­Raynham High School on
March 11th and 12th. During the contest, students earned points in three different ways. Robots collected balls as “fuel” for tanks. Robots collected 11 gears to deliver to stations and finally robots grabbed a rope and climbed as high as it could.   Michael, Elaine and the hardworking team of seventeen students performed very well reaching te semifinals.  

The team had high hopes heading into the Greater Boston Tourney.  They were confident minor improvements to the robot would pay dividends in the competition. When the games started one of the robot functions was not working as planned. The small improvements had caused a ripple effect. By the time we identified the problem late on Saturday, we were way back in the standings. The kids never gave up, and during the Sunday matches we performed much higher than our standings. This did not go unnoticed, and we were drafted by the 6th seeded alliance. The number 1 seed told our team that they had been hoping we were available when their turn came but we were already gone by then. Our alliance lost in two close games in the quarterfinals. Even though we were the lowest ranked team on the alliance we had the highest performing robot on the alliance. 

Over the two tournament season, we earned enough ranking points to still be in contention for an invitation to the New England Championship at UNH in April. It is possible we may not find out until April 2. At that point, we would need to pay the entry fee and schedule busses before the April 5 through April 8 event (Wed. through Sat.).
Great job, all.  

CCHS Student Featured on Chronicle
Senior Lydia Carroll was recently featured on WCVB Channel 5.   Lydia is a fantastic student and a better person.  A strong academic student, Lydia is enrolled in Creative Writing, AP Calculus, Chorus, Chinese AP, 2-Dinemsional Art, and AP Physics.  More impressive is her positive attitude, grittiness and ability to persevere and inspire others.  Please follow the link to review the segment featured on Chronicle.  

2017 French Exchange
By Regina Casimiro-Núñez

On February 11, the CCHS community welcomed 16 French students and two
chaperones. They spent two weeks in Concord with their American “correspondants”- Teddy Storrs, Emma Walker, Regina Casimiro-Núñez, Emma Garrison, Chloe Koval, Kristin Schaaf, Meghan Parker, Sarah, Hutchinson, Linnea Hubbard-Nelson, Conley Konsin, Burke Hutchinson, Ryan Baker, Adam Riley, Tiff Lyman, Emily Kirkwood, and Lauren Medeiros. Under the careful planning of Madame Penaud and Madame Belkadi, the French party was able to experience what life as an American student is like.

The trip was divided into two parts. For the first week, the students attended school in the
mornings, then were taken out to tour Boston. Each of the three days they spent in the city, a
French teacher accompanied them to give them more insight about what they were visiting. On
Thursday of that week, the exchange students were able to shadow a complete school day of
their brother or sister’s; they were also welcomed into the various French classes to explain a
little bit about their own life in France. Furthermore, a small reception was offered during the
lunch blocks to gather all the French and American students together.

The second week of the French students’ trip was, as we were informed, a lot of fun. They
had already experienced New England weather as they were greeted by their very first snow day
on their first day in Concord, so they were able to go ice skating and sledding; some of them
had never been sledding before, thus they were shocked as the American students launched
themselves down a hill, taking some of the French teens with them. Luckily, the entire group
managed to spend time together in different locations. Some went bowling, others went skiing,
a few went to the movies, and others visited historic sites around Massachusetts, such as
Concord, Boston, and Sturbridge Village. They were also all taken out of state to visit a different
city in the US. The majority were taken to New York City, where they enjoyed the mob of people
at Times Square, took pictures at major sightseeing spots, and attended musicals. Other pairs
went to other states, such as New Hampshire. The jam-packed week concluded with a pot-luck
dinner at Emily Kirkwood’s house. There, the crew spent a lot of time together, recounting their
experiences to each other and to the parents who joined the party. At the conclusion of the
event, each French student was given a mug as a reminder of their trip to the US.

Over the course of the trip, the exchange group became very tight-knit. It was impossible
to say good-bye: despite the surprisingly warm weather, everyone was crying or feeling
bummed out when the bus arrived to take the French students to the airport. We can’t wait to
see each other again in April and haven’t failed to remain in touch.

This exchange was not only a learning experience for the French students, but for the
American students and their families as well. Learning to share our daily lives with someone we
had never met before might’ve seemed intimidating at first, but after awhile, it was hard to let go
of your new best friend. Thanks to the high-level of English that the French students were able
to communicate with, the pairs were able to really converse with each other and share insight
about similarities and differences in their respective cultures.

Soon, the American party departs for France, everyone is itching to hop onto a plane and rejoin their friends. From what we’ve heard of what they’re planning for us, we’re ready to go and experience what living in France is like. I, for one, am really looking forward to this second half of the trip and am thankful for being part of it.

CCHS Chorus Performances
The CCHS Combined Chorus, Men's Chorus, Melodies, and Select Choir gave their annual March Choral Concert last night.  Focusing on a global theme, the choirs presented music from a wide variety of countries, including South Africa, Bolivia, Newfoundland, Scotland, England, and Russian.  

The concert highlighted numerous student soloists and also featured two guest performers:  The Concord All Town Fifth Grade Chorus, directed by Concord Middle School Music Teacher Dan Rivenburgh, and CC's own Serious Repercussions, directed by Señor Eric Pohl.  The Fifth Grade Chorus performed a set of 3 songs to open the show.  Serious Repercussions played one selection of their own and then joined the Combined Chorus for a rousing final number that featured the South African folk song "Siyahamba" sung in Zulu, Hindi, Thai, and English.

On March 22 the CCHS Combined Chorus and Select Choir joined the Virginia Wesleyan Chorale at a concert at Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord.  The ensemble hails from Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, Virginia.  The VWC and their conductor will be visiting all the Chorus classes on the day of the concert in order to rehearse with our singers.

The CCHS choirs performed three numbers with the VWC in the event that was exciting and educational.  Ms. Deborah Smith was guest conducted one of the joint numbers, the Vaughan Williams "Turtle Dove", which will also feature CCHS student Burke Hutchinson as soloist.

Livy Poulin

Swim Team
Our girl's team finished 11th overall at states, with sophomore Livy Poulin defending her state title in diving, and the 200 Free Relay finishing 4th ( Pheobe Parker, Virginia Ryan, Melissa Jiang and Liz Cownie). Our boy's team finished 14th overall at states.

Sophomore Livy Poulin (1st in the league in diving), Freshman Hailey Beyer (2nd in the league in 200 IM), and Freshman Kai Tang (3rd in the league in 100 Breaststroke) were all selected as DCL All-Stars.

Congratulations to sophomore Livy Poulin.  She has been selected All-Scholastic by both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe after winning the MIAA Div. 1 championship in diving.

Here is a link to a short Concord Journal article.

Read the Voice! 
Badminton Tournament, Moot Court, Thoughts on June Academy, Suicide Prevention Concert, and More!

CCHS Later Start Time Public Forum

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee invites you to a Public Forum to discuss the initiative to move the high school start time to 8:00 AM.  The forum will be held Tuesday, April 4 from 7:00-8:30 PM in the CCHS Learning Commons.

Please join us to learn about the initiative, discuss the logistics and challenges of implementation, ask questions, and share input. We hope to see you there!  

Please email the Regional School Committee with any questions:

2016  YRBS

The 2016 Youth Risk Behavior Survey provides data from our students on their
risky behaviors. Last spring, students in grades 6 and 8 (Concord Middle School ­ CMS) and grades 9 ­ 12 (Concord Carlisle High School ­ CCHS) answered questions about smoking, drinking, sex, bullying, and other risky behaviors. This data helps inform the health curriculum in our schools and health programs offered in the town. See how well you know our students by taking the following QUIZ.

U18 Curing Nationals
On Monday, at 2 a.m., Sydney Mullaney landed in Boston, returning from USA Curling's u18 National Championship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the Championship, there were two separate women's event and men's event. There were twelve women's teams each representing their respective regions or states. Sydney's team, Team Cousins, consists of (Sydney Mullaney), Elizabeth Cousins of Medfield, MA, Rane Anderson of Downingtown, PA, and Sailor Anderson, also of Downingtown, PA. They represented the GNCC (Grand National Curling Club) region which includes the entirety of the east coast.

The competition consisted of two pools of six, where a round robin was played. They were in Pool A and won all 5 games of the round robin, putting us into the top place in the Playoffs. They won their semifinal game against Washington. In the gold medal game, they lost to Minnesota in a close match. At the end of the competition they took home the silver medal.

Community Education Update
By Jill Asser

SAT Prep Bootcamp
If you’re preparing for the May test, join us for a two-session bootcamp course on Saturdays, April1st & 29th from 9 am - 1pm.
Cost: $280

CPR/AED Informational Class (Bystander CPR)
Join CC ACE on April 4th for a one-night workshop that teaches important lifesaving skills that can be used in everyday life: How to recognize a medical emergency, activating EMS (911), adult hands-only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, child CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and mild and severe airway block for adults, children, and infants (choking). Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment with an emphasis on hands-on practice for students. Cost: $30

Contact Community Education to register, in Dining Commons, visit or call 978-318-1432.

School Committee Budget Forums

Please join us at any of the following information sessions to learn more:
Tuesday, March 28: 9:30-11:00 AM, Ripley Conference Room 4
Wednesday, April 11: 9:30-11:00 AM, Ripley Conference Room 4
We urge all residents to be informed about the budgets and other articles and to attend Town Meeting to vote.

Please email either School Committee with any questions: or

Free VHS Summer Classes
By Ann Little
For the first time, thanks to a generous, anonymous grant, we are pleased to be able to offer fully subsidized four and eight week VHS summer classes to all students. Students may take classes for credit recovery or for enrichment, and credits will be awarded based on contact hours.  To learn more about the summer program, please visit Students who are interested should consult with their guidance counselors and then sign up via this Google Form link: Registration is ongoing. Questions should be addressed to Ann Little, VHS Site Coordinator:

Alex Burt '19

Phoebe Meyerson '19

Tyler Lee '17

Lydia Yoder '17

Henry Johnstone '19 and Phoebe Meyerson '19

Henry Johnstone '19

Ayden Nichol '19
Henry Johnstone 35, Alex Burt 335, Ayden Nichol 339 (Start of classic race)

Friday, March 10, 2017

International Women's Day, Skiing, Track, Theater, The "Fearless Girl," CCHS Ranking & More

In honor of International Women's Day, CCHS teacher Caitlin Smith, a member of our esteemed Foreign Language Department along with the Activism Club, organized a school-wide appreciation and recognition for all women and girls.  Students and staff wore red attire and donned red heart stickers to celebrate the girls and women in their lives, while also supporting their rights.  Students and staff were encouraged to consider shopping at women-owned businesses in Concord, Carlisle, and Boston.  

Perhaps because I am the father of two girls, my youngest turns nine this weekend, but the statue of "The Fearless Girl" by artist Kristen Visbal resonated with me deeply.  The defiant girl was placed in front of the bronze charging bull located near the New York Stock Exchange.  It was put there by an investment firm, State Street Global Advisors, which said the idea was to "call attention to the lack of gender diversity in the management of companies as well as how few women work in financial services, and the fact that they get paid less than men." The photo below speaks for itself.  LOVE IT!

I recently watched a documentary on an inspiring former professional football player named Steve Gleason.  Steve is battling ALS, a debilitating condition commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease. One of many quotes of Steve's that I love is: "Believe your future is bigger than your past."  

Although progress has been made since the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified in 1920, I am hopeful that the future for my daughters and the future for all the women and girls across the globe is bigger than the past.  

Switching gears, I recently received an inquiry regarding CCHS high school rankings published in various publications.  There are many different national and local publications that use different metrics to rank public high schools across the state and country.  They measure various things ranging from student achievement to school resources.  I have included the CCHS report card below from one of the publications in question.  

I will refrain from getting too deep into the details for various reasons; partly because I do not put much stock in the ranking systems in general, but you will find CCHS ranks near the top of the list when measured solely on academic performance. 

As I said last week, never perfect and ahead lay countless hours of work to improve, but there is no doubt that CCHS is a high achieving academic institution that excels in many areas, and it is a fantastic place to come to school and work each and every day.  We are all so very lucky to have the opportunity to do so.  

CCHS Report Card From A School Ranking Website (

Wiqh News
By Nicole Walton
The second season of "This Concordian Life", WIQH's radio magazine debuts this Sunday from 7-8 p.m. on 88.3FM and streaming online at  During the hour, Leanna Bomer '20, Julia Hubbard '20, and Maria Terhune '20, will interview Concord Town Manager Chris Whelan about what, exactly, it takes to manage a town.

Jason Genova, '18, talks with CCHS Principal Michael Mastrullo about what is needed to manage a high school.  Maria and Leanna will also sit down with David Hesel of the Concord Toy Shop to chat about the shop's history, and its future as he prepares to retire.  They'll also visit Sorrento's where pizza master Marcos takes us behind the scenes at one of Concord's favorite eating spots.

WIQH Sports Director David Craft '17, looks back at the CCHS winter sports season, and the whole crew quizzes unsuspecting people on the street about one of Concord's unique geographic features.  Want more?  OK, then how about some cool music selected by our guests from their lists of favorite songs?

This Concordian Life is on WIQH this Sunday from 7-8 p.m., and again next Sunday, March 19, at the same time.  Listen in the Concord area on 88.3FM, and globally online at

Will Tappen

Alpine Ski
By Austin Pinard
On Tuesday, March 6, 2017, the Concord Carlisle Alpine Ski team took part in the Massachusetts State Alpine Ski Finals.  Five racers, three boys, and two girls, took to the slopes to go up against the top talent in Massachusetts. The day started out early as the bus left the high school at 6:30 promptly. The sky was grey and as we all knew: a storm was a brewin’. The forecast stated it would be 50 and rainy, a skier’s worst nightmare. Nonetheless, the CC racers did not let the weather affect our moral.

The Alpine Team skied in 70-degree weather all season and even fashioned their own “Alpine Water-Ski Team” shirts. The team was represented by Will Tappen, Paola Loy, Alden Harring, Austin Pinard, and David Craft. Boys slalom was first, and girls started off with GS. Will Tappen came in 21st for slalom with Austin Pinard on his tail in 26th place of 150. Alden Harring finished 31st in GS and Paola Loy in 40th of 150. A promising start to the morning.

After lunch, the boys competed in GS and the girls in slalom. Will placed an astounding 7th in GS earning him a spot at Easterns this weekend. Alden placed 31st in slalom. Unfortunately, for the boys, all three members did not finish all races and thus were unable to qualify for a team medal. Likewise, the girls were unable to place as only two female members of the CC Alpine Team qualified for states.  Even though no team medals were taken home, it was a massive success for all our Alpine skiers.

The Alpine Ski Eastern High School Championship will be held this weekend at Attitash Mountain in NH. Will Tappen will be representing CCHS and the state of Massachusetts in the competition.

New Balance National Indoor Track Championships
Good luck to our indoor track stars who are competing in the National Championship this weekend. Valerie Reiling, Claudia Koontz, Sarah Reichheld and Sarinnagh Burdris will be competing in the sprint medley.  Margot Ehrenthal will be competing in the mile.  Good luck, girls!

Nordic Skiing
The Boys’ Nordic ski team finished 1st in the Mass Bay West league, and the Girls’ team finished 2nd in the  Mass Bay West league.

In the state meet on February 28th,  the boys finished  2nd in the state with 4 finishers in the top 20! Senior Tyler Lee finished 2nd overall.   The Girls’  team finished 4th in the state.

Good luck to Lydia Yoder, Phoebe Meyerson, Alex Burt, Julian Henry, Tyler Lee, Aiden Nichol, and Henry Johnstone as they will compete over the next two weekends in various Nordic Ski Championships.  Good luck, all.  

Activism Club Event
By David Nurenberg

It is easy for young people to feel discouraged and powerless in the face of large political forces that seem to decide their destiny. That's why, on March 2nd, seven recent CC alums, from the class of 2005 through 2012, returned to share wisdom and experience from their own careers in activism. Their work spanned the fields of public health, education policy, GLBT rights, and local food movements, and included perspectives from across the political spectrum (indeed, one of the recurring themes was seeking ways to bridge partisan gaps). The alums discussed, with a room full of about 30 students and faculty, both small and large ways to get involved and become empowered, even as a teenager. The problems are vast, they agreed, but teens are far from helpless in the struggle to solve them.

Ms. Smith of Foreign Language Department and I organized the event and it was sponsored by the CCHS Activism Club."

"Wolf's Bane"
By Carly Dwyer
I would like to congratulate and express my excitement and gratitude to the company of artists that brought "Wolf's Bane" to life on stage last weekend. "Wolf's Bane" was conceived, devised and written entirely by the CC Theater Company and was honored over the weekend with awards for their achievements. While the whole company worked to create this compassionate, challenging and innovative piece the following three CCHS students were recognized at the festival.

Ben Tull '18 was awarded Excellence in Design for his original projection work.

Burke Hutchinson '18 was awarded Excellence in Acting for his dual roles as Luc and Auburn's Woodsman

Sarah Lindner '19 was awarded Excellence in Acting for her role as Auburn

Please join me in congratulating the entire company on their achievements.

There will be a community performance of Wolf's Bane coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Red Cross Club
By Kasey Stewart
The Red Cross Club is very appreciative of everyone who donated to the "Troop Care Supply Drive". Like last year, the donations once again covered so many of the items our troops overseas are in need of. These generous donations will be going to the service men and women that live in our community and are based out of Hanscom Air Force Base. They will receive all of these donations at the end of this month. Thank you again for bringing some of these simple everyday comforts to our troops that are so far away from their homes and families. - The Red Cross Club

Late Start Public Forum
The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee invites you to a Public Forum to discuss the initiative to move the high school start time to 8:00 am.  The forum will be held:

Tuesday, April 4, 7:00pm-8:30pm at the CCHS Learning Commons

Please join us to learn about the initiative, discuss the logistics and challenges of implementation, ask questions, and share input.

We hope to see you there!  

Thank you, and please email the Regional School Committee with any questions:

School Related Articles & Budgets
Town meeting is fast approaching.  Learn more about school related articles & budgets.

Concord Town Meeting begins Monday, April 24.  In preparation, the Concord and Concord-Carlisle School Committees will host a series of Information Sessions regarding the 2017-18 school budgets and school-related articles.

There will be five school-related articles at Town Meeting:
ARTICLE 13 – Concord Public Schools Budget: FY18 CPS Budget is $37,046,694, a 3.89% increase from FY17, which provides for the launch of Elementary Spanish Instruction and a CMS Latin elective.

ARTICLE 14 – Concord Public Schools Supplemental Appropriation of $400,000 for the current school year.  
ARTICLE 15 – Concord Public Schools Capital Renovations and Repairs of $850,000.

ARTICLE 16 – Concord-Carlisle Regional School District Budget: FY18 Budget is $28,042,499.  The Budget includes funding for the Later Start Time initiative within the Finance Committee Guideline.

ARTICLE 17 – Concord-Carlisle Regional School District Landfill Remediation: Cost $1.2 million – includes an environmentally sound solution with Flexible Fill to allow for future land use options.

Please join us at any of the following information sessions to learn more:

Wednesday 3/22   7:00pm-8:30pm CCHS Learning Commons
Tuesday 3/28   9:30am-11am         Ripley Conference Room 4
Wednesday 4/11 9:30am-11am Ripley Conference Room 4

The School Committees will also be hosting a Public Forum specifically regarding the Later Start Time Initiative for the high school:

Tuesday 4/4 7:00pm-8:30pm CCHS Learning Commons

We urge all residents to be informed about the budgets and other articles and to attend Town Meeting to vote.

Thank you, and please email either School Committee with any questions: or

Changing Landscape of Journalism
CC ACE’s Advisory Committee presents, Changing Landscape of Journalism in the 21st Century.

When:    April 5th
Where:   CCHS Auditorium
Time:     7 pm

Program Flyer

Community Education
By Jill Asser
We have a lot of test prep classes coming up this spring and summer. Here are our next two SAT classes: 

SAT Prep class, 6 Thursdays, March 16th - May 4th, 6-9 pm, $625

Chemistry SAT Subject Test Prep, 4 Sundays, March 26th - April 30th, 9 am - 12 pm; $175

Spring and summer Driver Education dates are posted online and open for registration at For questions, contact us at 978-318-1432 or stop by our offices off of dining commons. 

Ultimate Frisbee
A sign that spring is near.  Ultimate Frisbee practice has commenced!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Respectful & Empathic Community, Track, Chris Ruediger, Taylor & Hayley McGovern, Luke Pongratz, Ellen Su, Grace Jennings, & More

It is my sincere hope that students and their families were able to enjoy some quality time together during February vacation.  A week away from the torrid pace allows many to get reacquainted with family and friends.  

I am mindful, as it is impossible to ignore, that the recent political events transpiring across our nation may be impacting students, staff members, and families.  Even if students, families, or friends are not directly affected, we understand some students are shaken by the recent turmoil.  

This is not a matter political beliefs or political affiliations, but it is about being an advocate for those of us who are impacted for a myriad of reasons.  One unwavering absolute at CCHS is our commitment to creating an environment where all students and staff feel safe, welcome, and respected.  

Our Core Values speak of academic excellence, professional collaboration, educational equity, continuous improvement and a Respectful and Empathic Community.  These are not just words that reside on a poster or occupy real estate on our website.  They are the foundation of the school, and the entire CCHS community will remain steadfast in our support for all members of CCHS.  

Never perfect and ahead lay countless hours of work to improve, but there is no doubt that CCHS is a high achieving academic institution that excels in many areas, but relationships and making students feel safe, respected, and valued is an area of expertise.  Our school community leaves me optimistic about the future our students will help shape.  Further, we have an environment in which students can discuss and debate current events and complex issues.  Conflict and candor will remain safe because of the respectful and empathic community that exists.  

Thinker's Agenda
By Ellen Su & Grace Jennings
Thinker's Agenda is a new club opportunity for students actively seeking change. Our goal is to provide more resources to students and create a supportive and motivated environment where students can harness their passions or stresses to solve a problem in the world. 

Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, starting on March 7, from 5-6 pm in room 247. To learn more about what you can do to take action towards issues you care about, explore our website or email or for more questions!

Summertime Story
By Owen Curtain
Senior Chris Ruediger (Class of 2017) has just released his Debut Single “Summertime Story.” To support Chris, please buy his single and be sure to like his page. Your support on social media goes a long way in helping the artist with air play and gig. Just a few minutes clicking links can make a big difference!

On his new single, Chris received help from some of Boston’s best musicians including Jonathan Ulman, Matthew Girard, Benjamin Naddaff-Hafrey,  and Janos Arcitype Fulop. With the release of this latest single, you can clearly hear how far Chris will be able to talk his music!

You can listen and purchase the single at:…/summertime-story-si…/id1208891040  It is also available on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio

Learning Commons Blog

Luke Pongratz & Civil Air Patrol
CCHS student C/LtCol Luke E. Pongratz, CAPI traveled to Brooklyn, New York for a Civil Air Patrol event. Civil Air Patrol is a non-profit organization that does 98% of the Air Force's inland search and rescue, along with helping out with various assignments from the Department of Defense, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Air Force ROTC. His team won first place overall and have been crowned Northeast Region Champions for the second year in a row.  They will now be moving on to the National Cadet Competition being held in Dayton, Ohio, in June. 

Boys Basketball
Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team for beating Holliston in the D2C Quarters last evening 82-71.  They advance to the next round at WPI.  Time and date TBD.  Congratulations to Spencer Patenaude - chosen as the co-MVP of the DCL! David Poor, John Mulligan & Will Palmer selected as All-Stars!

Highlights from the 2017 MIAA Division 3 State Track & Field Championship
By Steve Lane
Congratulations to the boys track and field team for their runner-up finish at the MIAA Division 3 State Championship. Nathaniel Battista earned a state championship in the 1000m. Co-captain Christian Mitchell placed 2nd in the long jump. Alex Ehrenthal placed 2nd in the mile. A trio of boys – Tim McClure, Zander Kessler, and Chris Ratcliffe – placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the 2 mile. In the relays, the 4x800 (Ehrenthal, Kessler, co-captain Owen Schmidt, and Brennan O’Neil) finished 5th, and the 4x400 (Jonathan Hill, Avi Waldman, Jimmy McGuinness, and Battista) also placed 5th. 

The girls team won the first state championship in the history of the program. Ten girls earned individual medals, and all three relays placed, which was just enough to beat 2nd place Hopkinton by ½ point. Co-captain Margot Ehrenthal finished 4th in the mile. Eline Laurent pulled off a very difficult double, placing 5th in the mile and 7th in the 2 mile. Sarinnagh Budris finished 5th in the 55m and 6th in the Long Jump. Co-Captain Valerie Reiling, Lottie Franck, and Claudia Koontz finished 3rd, 4th, and 7th in the 300m. Eleanor Kuchar added a vital half point in the high jump, tying the school record in the process. Liana Shames finished 7th in the shot put. 

Sarah Reichheld finished 2nd in the 1000m, breaking her own school record. The 4x200 (Koontz, Franck, Reiling, and Budris) won, and broke the school record. The 4x800 (Reichheld, Louisa Stevens, co-captain Daria Pietropaolo, and Ehrenthal) finished 2nd. In the 4x400, with all four girls running their 3rd event of the day, the quartet of Koontz, Franck, Reichheld, and Reiling managed a 4th place finish to seal the win. 

By Ned Roos
"It's that time of year again! The 4th annual iqhFEST is this Saturday, March 4th in the CCHS cafeteria. Produced by our very own radio station, WIQH 88.3, it is, in our humble opinion, one of the best nights of the year here at CCHS. The show features 15 acts – both bands and solo artists – and they're all CCHS students! The best part is admission is only $6 at the door.  What a great deal; not only will you be supporting excellent local music, but you'll also be having a great time.

Some performers will have their latest CDs and other merchandise for sale.  We’ll also have delicious homemade snacks and IqhFEST tee-shirts on sale as well. So don't miss it! Come to IqhFEST this Saturday.  You’ll be glad you did!  Doors open at 6:30 and the show begins at 7:00 pm.

For more information, check out or call WIQH at (978)-369-2440."

Casey Belden & Alex Raddassi
After placing at the D2 state wrestling tournament Casey Belden and Alex Raddassi competed at the All-State Wrestling Tournament last weekend with the top 18 wrestlers in the state at each weight class.  Casey Belden (4th in D2 at 113 lbs) finished his season with a record of 27-6.  Alex Raddassi (6th in D2 at 160 lbs) finished the year with a record of 34-8.

Maddy Vergura
Maddy competed with the U.S. Under-18 Women’s National Team that defeated its counterparts from England, 3-1. The match was played at St. George’s Park, England’s National Training Center.

Freshmen Student Government Food Drive
By Gretchen Carr
Attention all freshman advisories! Starting Wednesday, March 1st, freshman student government, in partnership with Concord Open Table, will be holding a freshman advisory food drive competition to collect food to donate to those in need. Bring in food to collection bags in your advisory room to have them counted. The advisory with the most food items donated at the end of the month will win a special prize of donuts for the next advisory! Attached is our scoring for each food items.

Ski Team
Congratulations to our Nordic Ski Team on a great season.  

WWII Field Trip
On Feb 8th, Ms. Wozniak's US History students had the privilege of visiting the International World War II Museum in Natick, MA. For many, they were surprised to learn that a WWII museum with over 500,000 artifacts is located right behind Dick's Sporting Goods! What makes this museum even more unique is that visitors are allowed to handle some of the items in the museum, such as shells, guns, and the enigma machines. 

The museum turned out to be a big hit, with some students pointing out how being able to see and touch many of the artifacts brought to life everything they learned about in the classroom. Some of the many comments: "It was great how he showed all sides of the war, British, German, French, not just American."  "I loved the tank! Now I want one!"  "Very neat"  "I never knew where to look: the wall, the case, the floor, or the ceiling!"  "It's hard for me: the German artwork is beautiful, but I can't get past that it was made by the Nazis." "I can't believe they made a dress out of a parachute!" Overall, it was a great success! 

Community Education
By Jill Asser
We have a lot of test prep classes coming up this spring and summer. Here are our next two SAT classes: 

SAT Prep class, 6 Thursdays, March 16th - May 4th, 6-9 pm, $625

Chemistry SAT Subject Test Prep, 4 Sundays, March 26th - April 30th, 9 am - 12 pm; $175

Spring and summer Driver Education dates are posted online and open for registration at For questions, contact us at 978-318-1432 or stop by our offices off of dining commons. 

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