Monday, June 8, 2020

CCHS Class of 2020 Important Information

Attention Seniors and Parents/Guardians of Seniors,

I hope this correspondence finds you well and navigation in this challenging environment.  There is a lot of information regarding the end-of-the-year, so please read this carefully.  There will be additional correspondence regarding the July 19 Graduation Ceremony at a later date. 

First, we have created the following website that will contain all information for the Class of 2020: Please refer to this site in the future for updates and additional information.

Yearbooks will be distributed in the Swag Bags and that we have about 20 left for sale, so students can purchase it in advance at code: 13177

Please contact Agatha Wozniak at
if financial assistance is needed.

Senior Awards Ceremony - Tuesday, June 9
All students (and their families) receiving an academic award received an email invitation to the awards ceremony to be held on Tuesday, June 9, at 7:00PM.  Everyone is invited to view via zoom at:
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Password: 669057

Materials Return and Receipt of Cap/Gown - Monday, June 15 We are collecting all materials from seniors on Monday, June 15. In the case of inclement weather, we will delay the distribution until later in the week. When students return their materials, they will receive a CCHS swage bag that contains the following: their diploma (to reduce contact during the graduation ceremony), student records, any awards they have received, and a few other pieces of memorabilia.

This schedule outlines the times that seniors should arrive at the school to collect and return their items. This schedule must be adhered to in order to ensure proper physical distancing and to reduce wait time for all involved. This map provides a visual layout.

Before arrival, please be sure to review what materials are owed in Aspen

To receive their caps and gowns, graduates must clear up all debts and obligations (i.e., books or money owed to CCHS). Parents/guardians may check if students owe any money/materials:

  • In the upper left corner, click on >Family
  • Click on the >child’s name of whom you wish to view (not the box next to their name, but the actual name in blue)
  • Select >Transactions (the button is on the left-hand side in orange)

When you arrive, you will stop at different stations

  1. Laptop return (if applicable)
  2. Book/Material Return
  3. Bag and Record Collection

We ask that all students and parents remain in the car during this entire time to help promote physical distancing.  Additionally, given that people will be interacting in close proximity, everyone will need to wear a mask during this process.

Graduation - Sunday, July 19, 2020
As outlined in a previous blog post, we are excited to hold an in-person graduation on Sunday, July 19, at 10:00AM.  Each graduate is allowed, two guests.  As specified in the guidelines for DESE, all attendees are required to wear a mask.  Additionally, given that all graduations must be held outdoors, the rain date(s) will be the entire week of July 20. 

To ensure proper social distancing, families should arrive at the times and park in the locations specified in this document.

Given that there will not be a graduation rehearsal this year, each graduate is requested to submit a file with the correct pronunciation of their name via flipgrid:  In your recording, please say your name four times exactly as you would like it pronounced on graduation day.  Additionally, please save your file with both your first and last names.

While students will have received their diploma in their CCHS swag bag, students will receive their diploma case and pose for a picture with a photographer.  These pictures will be available following the ceremony.

For any student who will not be able to attend the ceremony in July, we ask that you complete this form so we can create an accurate seating chart.  Additionally, we would like to find a separate way to celebrate this milestone.

We encourage you to review this FAQ document for additional information.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Class Act Awards

Perhaps no time in the past half-century has a commitment to service been more important.  CCHS student's commitment to service is one load-bearing pillar that our school rests on.  I applaud the efforts of the students listed below.  Their contribution to a cause near and dear to their heart has undoubtedly left a lasting impact thanks to their time, effort, energy, and enthusiasm.  Further, I want to thank all the parents and community members, particularly the individuals associated with 2Volunteer

The 2020 Class Act Awards night was canceled, like all school events.  However, the sponsors of the event, listed below, want to be sure that the incredible individual community service efforts of CCHS students do not go unrecognized.  Congratulations to all!

CCHS Awards   Community Service is an integral part of the total learning experience at CCHS.  Students must complete at least 40 hours of service for graduation, but many students volunteer for much more than the minimum.  These awards recognize the graduating seniors who have volunteered over 100 hours of their time in their careers at CCHS.

Rotary Club of Concord   The Rotary Club of Concord recognizes the contribution of young people in our schools and rewards them for Community Service, Integrity, Kindness, Leadership, and Civic Responsibility. Each club and sport at CCHS has an opportunity to choose their award recipients, as nominated by their group advisors or coaches.

President’s Volunteer Service Awards   2Volunteer, the Concord-Carlisle community-based organization which assists CCHS in its Community Service program, is a designated certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.  The Award is given by the Points of Light Foundation, as inspired by George H.W. Bush, to recognize the best in American spirit and to encourage Americans to improve their communities through volunteer service and civic participation.  Students are eligible for consideration for this award if they have demonstrated outstanding community service over the course of any consecutive 12-month period.  The Young Adult (service completed above age of 16) Bronze Award is given for 100-174 hours of service, the Silver Award for 175-249 hours, and the Gold Award for 250 or more hours.  The Teen (service completed before age 16) Bronze Award is given for 50-74 hours of service, the Silver Award for 75-99 hours of service, and the Gold Award for 100 or more hours of service.
Concord-Carlisle Community Chest    Awards are given by the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest to CCHS students who have demonstrated initiative and commitment to an organization or a volunteer project within the area of direct human services.  The recipients are selected by the Community Chest Board of Directors.

Maureen Taggert Award  This award is given to a CCHS senior who exhibits exemplary community service participation in Recreation Department programs.  It is named in honor of a beloved Concord Recreation employee who lifelong gave selflessly of her time.
Global Award for Service Learning This award is given to the CCHS student who has completed the most hours of service working with a culture different from his or her own.  The award is designed to foster students’ global awareness, necessary for participation in, and contribution to, an increasingly global society.
NEADS Award  The National Education for Assistance Dog Services trains service dogs to help individuals with disabilities, and is interested in service in general to the disabled.  The Award is given to a member of the junior or senior class who has demonstrated exemplary community service in the area of working with individuals with disabilities.  

Rotary Club of Concord Awards
Elana Alevy - Pep Band
Jacob Gechtman - Tennis Club
Una Oljaca - Activism Club
Elana Alevy - Serious Repercussions
Mary Goar - Squash Club
Sadie O'Neil - Girls Soccer
Janesse Asare-Danquah - POWER
John Griffin - Academic Bowl
Sadie O'Neil - Swim & Dive
Margaret Barry - BookPALS
Cole Hamilton - Boys' Tennis
Natalie Owen - Yearbook
Claire Bartlett - Spectrum
Danny Harrington - Boys' Lacrosse
Kaiyun Pan - Tennis Club
Alisa Bellotti - Environmental Club
Danny Harrington - Boys' Ice Hockey
Luke Pautler - CC ESports
Colleen Boyle - MVP/Violence Prevention
Emily Harrington - Cross Country
Christina Piccione - CCHS Voice
Colleen Boyle - Softball
Lila Hempel-Edgers - Moot Court
Carter Ridick - Boys' Basketball
Anna Brooks - Girls' Basketball
David (Riley) Honan - Baseball
Mae Claire Sabin - Field Hockey
Samantha Brown - Nordic Ski
Sarah Hoover - American Red Cross
Aarav Shah - Robotics Club
Tanner Buckelew - Swim & Dive
Sarah Hoover - Track
David Shapiro - Student Theatre
McKenzie Campbell - Girls' Ice Hockey
Marisa Ih - TOYS
Emily Sheehan - Model U.N.
Catrin Carey - Yearbook (The Bridge)
Miles Inman - Investment/Finance Club
Edward Shi - Math Team
Gretchen Carr - Indoor Track
Miles Inman - Nordic Ski
Gabrielle Shieh - Golf
Erin Carroll - Film Club
Naima Joachim - Film Club
Cole Siefer - Boys Soccer
Erin Carroll - YA Galley Book Review
Shree Khanolkar - Speech/Debate Club
Cole Siefer - Tai Ji
Mia Caruso - Class Government
Isabel Kilty - Cheer
Rachel Stoppe - WIQH Radio
William Chaffin - Track
Maddie Koenig - Volleyball
Georgia Svrcek - Improv Club
Mia Comeau - Art Club
Morgan Labadini - Field Hockey
Heather Szczesniak - Ult. Frisbee
Sarah Creamer - Alpine Ski
Kierthan Lathrop - Cross Country
Amy Tedeschi - Theatre Tech
William Crounse - Indoor Track
Magan Lee - Reflections Magazine
Fallon Vaughn - Girls Lacrosse
Aidan Daly - Football
Harriet Martin - Activism Club
Lainey Volz - Fashion Design Club
Elise Dohoney - Student Senate
Aren Martinian - Chicken Scratch
Holly West - BookPALS
Abby Dudley - Spectrum
Sarah McMorrow - Dance Crew
Lucas Wilbur - WIQH Radio
Eleni Dunbar - Yearbook
Tyler McMorrow - Weather Services
Maxwell Wong - Tennis Club
Isabel Frangules - W.E.E.Ds (Garden)
Callie Nairus - MVP/Violence Prevention
Theresa Wood - TOYS
Isabel Frangules - Squash Club
Matthew Ngaw - Indoor Track
Zhihan Xu - Ultimate Frisbee
Grae Gaudreau - Photography Club
Stephen O'Leary - Chicken Scratch

President's Teen Volunteer Service Awards presented by 2Volunteer
Margaux Angelino - Gold
Will del Sobral - Bronze
Waverly Leonard - Silver
Susannah Snell - Gold
Chris Bao - Silver
Keane Dinner - Gold
Katherine Lerner-Teves - Gold
Benjamin Sprague - Gold
Margaret Bowers - Gold
Aaron Gao - Gold
Tiffany Lu - Bronze
Miranda Taylor - Gold
John Boyle - Gold
Aaron Gao - Gold
Samuel Lyczkowski - Gold
Henry Vlacovsky - Gold
Sanche Buck - Gold
Ashley Grant - Bronze
Samuel Lyczkowski - Gold
Crystal Wang - Bronze
Vishal Chandra - Bronze
Leah Greenberg - Silver
Alexandra Newman - Gold
Daniel Wang - Gold
Max Charde - Bronze
Hannah Griffin - Gold
Grace Ogden - Gold
Vincent Wang - Gold
Julia Clarke - Bronze
Amelia Hammond - Bronze
Christian Perrotta - Bronze
Jacqueline White - Bronze
Thomas Coloian - Gold
Zuhaye Huseni - Gold
Ellie Pohlig - Bronze
Annie Wiener - Gold
Porter Coutre - Bronze
Lily Kuivinen - Bronze
Mai Richmond - Gold
Maxwell Wong - Gold
Isabella Cupp - Bronze
Sophie Legault - Gold
Akshaya Seetharam - Gold
Byron Woodman - Bronze
Hazel Cyr - Bronze
Matthew Lehmann - Gold
Jessica Shang - Gold

President's Young Adult Volunteer Service Awards presented by 2Volunteer
Christina Aiello - Gold
Jacob Gechtman - Bronze
Isabella Lopresti - Bronze
Emma Sabin - Bronze
Cleo Baldoumas - Bronze
Piper Harring - Bronze
Quinn Macy - Silver
Carter Sohn - Bronze
Wan Tong Chan - Bronze
Joachim Laurent - Silver
Maya Malouf - Silver
Paula Vasiliadis - Silver
Nicholas del Sobral - Bronze
Noelle Ledoux - Bronze
Jeffrey Moberly Chan - Bronze
David Wang - Bronze
Rachel Dettelbach - Silver
Jake Lee - Bronze
Whitney Orloff - Bronze
Henry Wasserman - Bronze
Celia Flory - Silver
Matthew Lehmann - Silver
Natalie Owen - Bronze
Ella White - Bronze
Andrew Gao - Bronze
Cynthia Li - Gold
Kaiyun Pan - Bronze
Nathaniel White - Bronze

CCHS Community Service Awards
Christina Aiello
Jacob Gechtman
Cynthia Li
Emily Sheehan
Elana Alevy
Sarah Girma
Elizabeth Loprete
Gabrielle Shih
Patricia Amouzgar
Amy Goodhue
Morgan MacPhee
Charles Shulman
Ella Baker-Puttini
Ethan Gorewitz
William Mara
Mihir Singh
Cleo Baldoumas
Casey Granahan
Alexandra McArdle
Devin Smith
William Beguhn
Taylor Gushue
Sarah McMorrow
Rachel Stoppe
Margaret Besthoff
Welles Hatch
Cameron Mostoufi
Heather Szczesniak
Abigail Bohn
Liam Havens
Brett Murphy
Emma Thomas
Tanner Buckelew
Sarah Hoover
Caroline Nairus
Aaron Tong
Emily Capofreddi
Aliya Hosford
Paula Ogalde-Carmona
Andrew Upham
Charles Clark
George Howes
Natalie Owen
Grady VanOrden
Sibella Cownie
Mitiku Hoyt-Rouse
Olivia Palmer
Paula Vasiliadis
Aidan Daly
Julia Hubbard
Mackenzie Pavlik
Olivia Walton
Nicholas Del Sobral
Liam Hutton
Anna Piccione
Amanda Wang
Carson Detweiler
Miles Inman
Aliana Potter
David Wang
Elise Dohoney
Melissa Jiang
Elizabeth Rennert
David White
Heloise Evins-Mackenzie
Lucy Joseph
Emma Sabin
Ella White
John Ferren
Chloe Kidder
Mae Sabin
Nathaniel White
Celia Flory
Cameron Ladd
Nathalie Schnadig
Honor Williams
Andrew Gao
Magan Lee
Courtney Sepucha

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Awards:
Isabella Hankins, Concord Recreation

Ava Lublin, Gaining Ground

Emily Capofreddi, Gaining Ground

Tyler Pilliero, Discovery Museum

Alec Nicoll, Discovery Museum

Chloe Kirkwood, Open Table
Maureen Taggert Award:
Miles Inman
NEADS Award:
Aidan Daly
Global Award for Service Learning:
Makayla Francois