Friday, May 31, 2019

🎓Graduation Information


Graduation is but a day away. I am happy to say the sun will be shining and the ceremony will be outdoors, so no tickets are necessary. We are confident that students will make the most of the fleeting moments of their high school careers.

During this time of celebration, student safety is a primary concern. This unique period in students’ lives presents parents and educators with the opportunity to work together and encourage continued good decision-making. Let’s work together to ensure that this prom and graduation season provides only the fondest memories students and families deserve.

In keeping with the character of your class, we are confident that the proper dignity, pomp, and circumstance will be given to the upcoming events and ceremonies so that students, families and all members of the CCHS community will be able to look back on these memorable occasions with great pride.
Please read on for important information regarding the events tomorrow. The ceremony will begin at 11:00am sharp, so please plan to arrive early. Additional information can be found at
All graduates should be in the Maroon Gym no later than 9:30 AM.  Please enter the school through the exterior door by the locker rooms and not through the front lobby as the dining commons will be closed for All Night Live.
Graduates should bring only their cap, gown & tassel to the Maroon Gym.  (No purses, bags, flowers, etc.).


  • All graduates and their guests should park in the student and turf field parking lots at CCHS. There will be no graduate or guest parking along the Thoreau Street entrance. Cars will only be allowed to enter the campus from the Walden Street entrance.
  • Guests may also park at the Alcott School where there will be continuous shuttle buses to bring guests to CCHS starting at 10:00 AM.

When and where will graduation be held?
  • Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • The ceremony starts promptly at 11:00 AM on the CCHS Football Field
  • The ceremony will last about two hours

Where is the best spot to take a picture of the graduates?
  • Parents and guests should remain in the stands throughout the entire graduation ceremony. Students will join families and friends at the reception following the ceremony
  • A professional photographer will take pictures of graduates as they receive their diplomas and these pictures are available following graduation

What should the graduates bring to the Maroon Gym?
  • Cap, tassel, and gown only.  Graduates are not to bring purses, bags, flowers or any items besides their cap, tassel, and gown

What should graduates wear to graduation?
  • It is a formal event, and we are suggesting students dress accordingly
  • Gowns should be taken out of their packaging and ideally pressed
  • Gowns should not be exposed to water
  • Caps should be worn flat with the tassel starting on the right side; the tassel is then shifted to the left side when all members of the class have received their diplomas

What if my family/guests cannot travel to Concord for graduation?
  • Graduation will be covered live on both MMN and WIQH.  On MMN, it will be on Channel 9 and 99, and also streaming video at  WIQH will broadcast the ceremony on 88.3 FM in the Concord area, and streaming (sound only) online at
  • Both WIQH and MMN will provide live coverage of the graduation exercises regardless of whether the ceremony is outdoors or indoors
  • MMN will rebroadcast the festivities at multiple later dates on Channel 99, and will also make it available on for streaming via their "on-demand" button
  • DVDs will be available for purchase for $20 through MMN within a couple of weeks after graduation.  And can be viewed on their Youtube channel. For further information about placing DVD orders, contact MMN at,  telephone  978-369-5038

What happens after graduation?
  • Following the graduation ceremony, there will be refreshments provided by the Class of 2019 by the tennis or courts or in the main lobby (if inclement weather)
  • There is also a celebration for graduates from 9:30 PM to 5:00 AM (All Night LIve) for more information, visit

Will photos be taken?
  • Graduation Photography: Lifetouch will be providing professional photography services at Graduation.  Register to be notified when event images and proofs are available for purchase @
Complimentary proof sets will be mailed home within 14 business days. Please do not set up cameras during the ceremony as they detract from others' view.

As in the past, all students' images are placed online.  In addition, all graduates' families receive a proof set mailed home at no cost.  Graduates & their families may elect to purchase online or utilizing the proof set provided.

We encourage all graduates to pre-register their emails on the website so that they will be automatically notified the moment images are posted.  When pre-registered, graduates & their families will also qualify to receive exceptional pre-event discounts on new products for the Class of 2019.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Important Q5 Information: Volunteers Needed, Items Needed, Attendance Policy, & More

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, we eagerly anticipate our second Q5 learning experience for students, staff, and the community.  Q5 was a raving success in 2018 by any measure. We presented at the superintendent's conference last summer and we recently discussed Q5 at a national Challenge Success Conference.  The interest and excitement around Q5 is palpable, and we are excited to witness year two.

Teachers have developed fantastic offerings and I would encourage all readers to peruse the

We offer 38 different courses and we are excited to witness students and staff working closely on this exciting endeavor known as Q5.

Scheduling classes and students requires a significant effort.  To this end, we do our best to ensure all students receive their top choices.  At this point, Q5 schedules are final and cannot change at this juncture.

Our attendance guidelines have changed this year due to the fact that Q5 is four days and not eight.  Please click on the link for additional information, but please be aware that students are expected to attend all four classes of Q5.  Students will receive a grade and we will list it on their transcript, and missing a class will result in loss of credit.

More information on Q5, including a video and images from last year, can be found on

We need help in two areas - donating items and/or donating your time.  

Donating Items
In order to defer some of the costs, we are hoping to borrow some items needed for courses from the community.  Please take a look at our list of items.  If you can sign up to donate one, our course leaders will be in touch to coordinate.

Many course leaders are opening up their classroom and would welcome volunteers
who would like to participate.  Please review our list of courses that need volunteers.  

Course leaders will contact you to arrange meeting times.  

Thank you for your support.  Please contact Q5 Coordinator Laurie Fortunato
( with any questions.

As a reminder, the calendar for the end of the year is available on our website.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sharon Young Educational Travel Scholarship Fund

Please join us to celebrate Concord principal, Ms. Sharon Young on Thursday afternoon May 23rd from 3:45-5:00.  All parents, children, and community members are welcome to join us for light refreshments in the Alcott cafeteria to say best wishes to Sharon on her retirement.

In lieu of gifts, we will be collecting funds to start the Sharon Young Scholarship Fund. Sharon travels extensively with her family each summer and the fund is being established to help CCHS students in need of financial support travel on school trips.  

Please pass along to any friends, neighbors, teachers or community members.  If you are not able to attend and would like to donate you can send a check made payable to Concord Carlisle Regional School District with the Sharon Young Scholarship Fund in the memo line and send into the Alcott office, or you can donate online by clicking the link below.

CCHS Student  Educational Travel

Educational travel focused on cultural and language immersion, leadership summits, global environmental issues, international exchange programs, performing arts, and service, allows us to transform globalization from classroom rhetoric to reality. These incredible, life-altering educational travel opportunities not only allow students to cross borders, but they also enable students to foster bonds with new groups of students and staff as the seemingly rigid walls of curriculum level and grade level dissipate with the shared travel experience. Educational travel enhances learning, and when traveling with students in my role as principal, I have witnessed first-hand how it can alter students’ course in life for the better.  

CCHS  believes that in our shared, interconnected world, all students benefit from learning experiences that foster critical 21st-century skills and a global mindset.  By exploring, and learning other cultures, we are preparing students to participate in, and contribute to, an increasingly globalized society.  Educational travel, linguistic /cultural exchanges and volunteering in multicultural settings are some of the venues through which we can achieve these learning goals. Through immersive educational travel, students gain new ways of thinking and develop a greater appreciation for perspectives beyond the walls of CCHS.  

We seek to increase the quality and number of international experiences for all CCHS  students to promote a global mindset and enhance our cultural competence.  These strengths will empower students to think, communicate, and positively contribute across linguistic and geographic divides. As ambassadors of their school, state, and country, students are challenged to reflect on their own culture and values and become better citizens of their country and of the world. 

Our hope is this scholarship fund will allow these amazing opportunities to be extended to a broad range of students.

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