Thursday, August 29, 2019

Freshmen Orientation, First Week of School, & Back-to-School Information

By any measure, the first week of school was a raving success. Students arrived excited for the new school year, and staff returned refreshed and recharged for the challenges ahead. It was a welcome change to the summer routine as we greeted 1301 students from Carlisle, Boston, Concord, and other parts of the country and the world.  

We had a successful first-year-student orientation program that is not possible without the hard work and effort of CCHS teachers, Hanna Bruno & Jenna Lashley, along with student and staff leaders. These individuals donate their time and energy to ensure a smooth and fruitful transition for all new students. This day serves as a microcosm of all things that make CCHS a great place. Teams of people working together to make others feel welcome and part of our community.

Assistant Principals Brian Miller, new assistant principal, Katie Stahl, Dr. Hunter, SRO Kevin Gena, METCO Director, Andrew Nyamekye and I met with students during the opening day assemblies and talked about the importance of creating a positive school culture where all student and staff contributions are valued.  

During our presentation, we shared a video (viewable in the presentation link below) highlighting the impact teenagers can have on one another. It is worth your time.  

Presentations and Videos
By Hanna Bruno
The Freshman class of 2023 started the school year with an orientation led by 40 enthusiastic student leaders. The goal of the day was to develop a sense of community and pride in all first-year-students, to encourage incoming students to meet new members of their class, allow students to connect with upperclassmen who can serve as valuable mentors, guides, resources, friends, and support, and familiarize freshmen students with the CCHS campus and their own schedule. The day is all part of a larger effort to help with the transition to high school.  The intent of the day was to create a lively introduction to high school, that was upbeat, informative, and fun.

Students started the day with a festive dance party welcome and brief assembly. Students took part in a scavenger hunt throughout the building, followed their schedules, and met teachers, staff, and administrators. Students participated in cooperative games within their advisory groups led by adults with varying roles in the school community. A special thank you to the amazing student leaders and all who helped make the day run smoothly.

On behalf of all members of CCHS, I want to extend a sincere welcome to the class of 2023.

Back-to-School Night
Please join us for our Back-to-School Night on Thursday, 12 September. There will be a presentation for parents of our first-year students at 6pm and a presentation for all parents at 7pm. Parents will follow the schedule of their son/daughter immediately following the presentations.

Welcome Back Letter
Dear CCHS Educational Community

It is with great excitement that we open our doors for the 2019-2020 school year. For students, staff, and families with school-age children, the start of school marks the unofficial end of summer, and, with that, comes excitement, enthusiasm, a little anxiety, a slight longing for the summer months, and a reminder that time is a relentless opponent.

Soon, the quiet hallways of July and August will give way to the energy and enthusiasm that accompanies the arrival of students and staff. In a few weeks, we will greet our incoming first-year students from Boston, Carlisle, and Concord, welcome the returning sophomore and junior classes and collaborate with the class of 2020 to provide the leadership necessary to make every student’s high school experience positive and memorable.

We are confident that all new students and staff members, along with the current staff, students, parents, and the community, will continue to make Concord Carlisle High School one of the best in Massachusetts and the country. As a team and also as individuals, we will continue to work hard to meet the noble mission of our school:

“Concord Carlisle High School is committed to excellence in and out of the classroom. 
Our mission is to inspire our students to strive for and meet the highest levels of academic
and personal achievement, while nurturing a respectful, supportive, engaged, curious, and
passionate learning community.”

This year we strive to improve upon our successes, address areas in need of improvement, and take on new challenges.  If nothing else, a new school year brings optimism, and it is hard to be anything less than optimistic when entering 500 Walden Street. A beautiful campus, a majestic building, and a warm and welcoming place for students and staff.

All of our goals support the overarching objective of preparing Concord Carlisle High School students to be productive citizens of the school, community, and beyond. Educating students today is a monumental task that requires a hardworking, dedicated staff committed to not only student achievement but also to our own personal and professional growth. Outcomes are not guaranteed, but hard work and commitment are, and we welcome the excitement and difficulty a new year brings, and realize any challenge in which a successful outcome is assured is not a challenge at all. 

Three necessary components of any successful school system are safety, organization, and high expectations for teaching and learning. I assure you that these three factors will guide our daily decision making in the months and years ahead. We look forward to your input, participation, and support as we work together to achieve our goals.


Michael Mastrullo, Principal
Brian Miller, Assistant Principal
Katie Stahl, Assistant Principal

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Athletic Registration Information & Back-to-School Information

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope this correspondence finds you well and enjoying the summer weather.  Next week we will send pertinent back-to-school information on a whole host of items, including parking.  Please read below for details regarding athletics registration.  

The registration deadline for fall sports is August 15th. The following steps should be completed before the deadline:
  1. If you are a returning student-athlete:
    1. Log on to your account and select your sport for Fall 2019 
    2. Email Mr. Joncas your updated physical at
    3. You can pay the user fee by credit card on FamilyID or send a check payable to CCRSD to Mr. Joncas. The student name should be in the memo field if paying by check
  2. If you are a new student-athlete:
    1. Create an account at and search for "CCRSD."
    2. Complete the registration information and select your sport for Fall 2019
    3. Email Mr. Joncas your updated physical at Please cc: School Nurse Lisa Koski at
    4. You can pay the user fee by credit card on FamilyID or send a check payable to CCRSD to Mr. Joncas. The student name should be in the memo field 
No student will be denied an opportunity to participate based on difficulty paying the user fee. Please contact Mr. Joncas for assistance if needed - all consideration will remain confidential. If students are not registered and/or physical is not current, they will be prohibited from trying out for all teams. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.