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2019 End of Year, Summer, & Start of School Information

End of Year, Summer, & Start of School Information
The 2018-2019 school year was a success by any measure.  I want to thank the community members for all their support including members of the PA and CEF; I want to thank all CCHS staff who work hard every day to make CCHS a welcoming and nurturing learning environment, and most importantly I want to thank all the students for making this demanding profession extremely rewarding.  

Soon I will post one last update on Q5 and a few other CCHS highlights.  

Work Permits

Work permit hours are 8:00am-2:00pm. NOTE: Due to reduced staff and more flexible hours over the summer, it is required to call or email to schedule processing your work permit to ensure that office personnel will be available. If no one is available, keep in mind that work permits can be obtained at any high school and the Carlisle Superintendents office located at the Carlisle Middle School. Students need an ID that includes their date of birth, and we recommended calling beforehand for additional requirements. Students MUST be present to sign the work permit document — no exceptions under Massachusetts State law. Students, please bring applications to the Main Office at CCHS, where the official Work Permit is processed. No additional documentation is required for CCHS Students. If a student is not attending CCHS, a valid ID with their date of birth is mandatory.
For Summer contact:
Ms. McElroy
email: Phone: 978-341-2937

Ms. Tessari
email:, Phone: 978-341-2950

Procedure and Forms

To complete the employment process, students need to comply with specific legal regulations outlined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All students under the age of 18 are required to obtain a Work Permit.
Follow these steps:
  1. Once a job offer is secured from an employer they need to complete (and sign) the Promise of Employment form (parent/guardian must sign this form also).
  2. Fill out the Employment Permit Application which is available by clicking here or the CCHS  Main Office.
  3. Students between the ages of 14-15 need to get a physician’s signature.

Release of Schedules

An updated schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year is posted in your Aspen account. The schedule does not include the names of teachers or room locations. Later in the summer, we will post an updated schedule with this information. We have done our best to make changes to students, but some may have not been fulfilled. If your name was placed on a waitlist for a class it will remain there. Making summer scheduling appointments Is there an error on your schedule? Do you have the courses you need or want? We are happy to help explore possibilities and make available adjustments over the summer.

Adjustments to Classes (Summer Appointments)

Students, is there an error on your schedule?  Do you have the courses you need or want?
We are happy to help explore possibilities and make available adjustments with you this summer.

Simply sign up for an appointment:
  • The URL to log on to make appointments is  (Notice that there is no "www" in this address and ends with .ca instead of .com)
  • If you have used the conference manager before, you don’t have to register, you are already in the database and your password is still usable.
  • Once you log in use the "Available Conference Sessions" dropdown menu and select “summer schedule help” and a day that works for you. Click on "SummerHelp Guidance" name and select "next." Finally, select any available time slot that works with your schedule. Once selected you are able to make comments. Please give us a brief explanation of your concern.  
  • If you have any troubles with making an appointment, please contact Michelle McElroy (

Posting of Q4 Report Cards

Final report cards for the 2018-2019 academic year are posted in Aspen. These report cards do not include grades for Q5. We will post these grades shortly. 

Final report cards for the 2018-2019 academic year have been posted in Aspen.  These report cards do not include grades for Q5. We will post these grades in the near future.

Open / Off-Campus For 2019-2020

Members of the class of 2020 and 2021 may be eligible for open and off-campus privileges. For more information, please review this letter.

If you would like to give your son/daughter permission for this privilege, please complete the open and off campus form.  Please complete the form by Sunday, 20 August in order for the information to be processed for the start of school.

Summer Sports Dates

For all back to sports dates, please visit the Athletic Department webpage.

Back to School Dates - Fall 2019

Please remember to review the entire calendar on the district website:

For specific high school events, please visit the CCHS website calendar:

Here is a brief summary of important dates for next fall:
August 26
10:00am -12:00pm
New Student Upperclassmen Orientation
August 27
8:00am - 2:41pm
Freshman Orientation
August 28
8:00am - 2:41pm
First Day of School
August 29
8:00am - 2:41pm
Second Day of School
August 30

No School
September 12
Freshman Parent Night
September 12
Back to School Night

Bus Transportation Schedules

The bus schedule will be posted on the transportation website in early August.

Student Parking

All seniors who wish to have a parking space will be entered into a lottery. In order to enter the lottery, you need to purchase a parking permit and complete the required information on If you are not assigned a parking spot, your purchase will be refunded. Spots will be randomly assigned both in the lot and on the driveway in front of the Beede Center. The School Committee has maintained a rate of $300 for all spots. In order to be entered into the lottery, complete the purchase of your permit in MySchoolBucks by Sunday, 18 August by 11:59pm.

Seniors carpooling with two or more non-sibling prospective Class of 2020 graduates may be eligible to choose a specific student parking spot.

Friday, June 14, 2019

NYT Editorial Winner, C-SPAN Documentary Winner, MICCA Awards, State Golf Champions, Ninja Warrior Teen Champion, & More

Today marks the last day of school for students.  It is hard to believe.  The end of the year is a whirlwind filled with assessments, awards ceremonies, Graduation, final exams, Q5 and more.  The pace is frenetic and the days are long.  Blogging consistently was a challenge, and as a result, I have a backlog of truly amazing student recognitions.  The headline says it all. So impressive.  Enjoy!  

Eva Ferguson Winner of New York Times Student Editorial Contest 
In the New York Times' annual student editorial contest there were over 10,500 entries nationwide. CCHS students claimed four of the top 120 places, and Eva Ferguson is one of the top 12 winners. Congratulations to all four of our students for this fantastic accomplishment. We are proud.

The following students were recognized as part of the top 120 of the 10,500 entered.

Paula Chung ("Improving Education with Nature")
Ellie Purinton ("Daisy Dukes & Double Standards:  Why Dress Codes Should Be Abolished")
Heather Szczesniak ("Unmasking LGBTQ History")

Matthew Ngaw received Honorable Mention for his editorial ("A Case for Boredom"), placing him in the top 70 entrants.

You can find all winners and runners-up here as they post. Excerpts from some were published in the special Learning print section on 9 June.

"This essay, by Eva Ferguson, age 17, is one of the Top 12 winners of our Sixth Annual Student Editorial Contest, for which we received 10,509 entries.
"U.S. Citizens Are Dying and We Can Save Them"

Marisa Ih & Harriet Martin Earn Superior Writing Distinctions
Marisa Ih and Harriet Martin - earned "Superior Writing" distinctions (the highest award level) from the annual writing contest conducted by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)!

Marisa and Harriet earned their nominations to the NCTE contest after an in-house competition among 11th-grade writers at CCHS, then went on to submit their work for competition with 416 other students selected from schools across the 50 states.

Each student submitted two pieces of writing. Two independent judges scored each submission on "expression of ideas, language use, and unique perspective and voice."

Congratulations to Marisa and Harriet, and to Kenneth Liu, who was also one of our school nominees for the national level. Keep writing, everyone!

Concert Band and Orchestra's Success at the MICCA Concert Festival
Both groups received a Gold Medal rating and performed as part of the Gold Medal Showcase at Symphony Hall on 4 May.  

Less than 20 instrumental ensembles in the state receive this distinction yearly, and CCHS has 2 of them! This is the 6th straight for the Orchestra (a school record) and 26th overall for the Concert Band, a streak unrivaled in the Commonwealth.

Although we have experienced success in recent years, the Gold Medal rating is elusive and incredibly difficult to attain. Our students work incredibly hard to maintain a high standard and to never accept their current level of achievement. I am honored and humbled to work with them on a daily basis. Congratulations to all students, David Gresko, and Deborah Smith.

Gabrielle Shieh, 3 Time State Golf Champion Congratulations to Gabrielle Shieh on an amazing performance. Excerpt from the article below with a link to the full article.
"The conditions were beyond brutal Tuesday, as torrential rainfall continued to hammer the course at the Country Club of Greenfield. However, nothing was going to deter Gabrielle Shieh from completing her ultimate goal. The Concord-Carlisle junior shot a 2-over-par 74 to finish atop the leaderboard for a third consecutive season at the North sectionals, this time co-medaling with Agawam’s Angela Garvin."
“I’ve had a bit of experience playing in weather like this, being in New England,” Shieh said. “So I just tried to grind through. Everyone’s playing in the same conditions, so I just told myself, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing. Take it hole by hole, shot by shot.’ ”

Boston Herald Article Gabrielle Shieh also qualified for the USGA Women Amateur golf 4 ball Championship. This event is one of the top Women Amateur tournament hosted by United States Golf Association. Gabrielle and her teammate, Anne Walsh, used to attend Boston Latin, teamed together to represent our region to this tournament (there are two qualifying teams, Gabrielle and Anne's team came second).

Choral Concert
Congratulations to the CCHS Chorus who put on a wonderful concert last Thursday.  The concert capped off a great year of student work.  Here are 2 highlights from the evening:  Bohemian Rhapsody and Carry On, Wayward Son.

CCHS Senior Art Show
Thanks to the Concord Art Museum for displaying the amazing artwork of our talented students, and thank you to the members of the art department for inspiring their work. 

CCHS students Aarav Shah and Carl Anderson Engineering Video
Robotics In Action

A short video of an engineering project in action.  It is a hydraulic arm designed and built by Aarav Shah and Carl Anderson in Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to CCHS teacher Kevin Pennucci for sharing the video project, and a special thank you to Michael Hamblin and Elaine Picard for all their tireless work and effort with the CCHS Robotics Team who performed admirably this year.  

CCHS Robotics Team
By CCHS Rising Junior, William McCarthy
The CCHS Robotics Team earned a second-place medal at the most recent New England District Central MA competition, held at Shrewsbury High School on the weekend of March 30th-31st. This followed a fourth-place finish at the March 9th and 10th competition in Bridgewater. These victories were the result of months of hard work after school every day and on the weekends.  Mr. Hamblin and Ms. Picard are the advisors for the team, which is made up of approximately twenty students from all grades.

CCHS’s robot, although not the most complex robot in the competition, had a unique elevator system and was very efficient in placing cargo. The team played their way through the seventy-six qualifying matches along with thirty-nine other teams. CCHS was picked to play with the second-ranked team in an alliance, and that alliance went on to win second place overall for the tournament. During the award ceremonies, the CCHS robotics team was awarded a plaque and a trophy to symbolize their victory and hard work. This was the furthest the CCHS robotics team has made it since 2012.

True Becker Ninja Warrior Teen Champion
Congratulations to True Becker for winning the Ninja Warrior Teen Champion.  

Ashley Grant, C-SPAN National Documentary Contest Winner
CCHS student, Ashley Grant from won Honorable Mention in C-SPAN's 2019 StudentCam competition. The contest asked students to create a 5-6 minute documentary on the theme, What Does it Mean to Be American? Congratulations Ashley!

To learn more about the competition and view all of the winning entries, visit

Ashley’s Documentary

Gear 2 Goals
By CCHS Junior, Andrew Bates

Gear 2 Goals is a student-led gear and clothing drive for Harlem Lacrosse that is run each spring and is culminating in big drop-off this Saturday in the CCHS parking lot during the boys Varsity Lacrosse game against Algonquin at 5pm. Please help CCHS support this great cause. Harlem Lacrosse was founded in 2008 by a CCHS graduate, Simon Cataldo, and it has long partnered with Concord. 

A school-based nonprofit, Harlem Lacrosse not only brings lacrosse to at-risk youth, but it also offers academic support, mentoring, leadership training, and career readiness to student-athletes, empowering them to work hard both on the field and in the classroom in order to help rise above their challenges. Thank you to everyone in the community who is supporting this effort, especially our coaches, parents, neighbors, and friends of CCHS lax.

Alyssa Stainton Ceramics Recognition
CCHS junior Alyssa Stainton had one of her ceramic pieces chosen for this year's National K-12 Ceramics Exhibition. The work was recently exhibited at the annual NECC conference, the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts.

In addition to the honor of being part of the exhibition, Alyssa's work received three other awards at the conference. She was given the Bailey Pottery Award, the Ceramics Monthly Subscription Award, and the Jack Troy Award. Congratulations Alyssa!

CCHS Squash Team at The U.S. Nationals
By Pam Goar
The CCHS Squash team had a great time at the U.S. Nationals. We had a few wins and did well considering it was our first national event.

Several of the U.S. Squash officials commented on how polite, and how serious the CC players took their jobs as refs (a player refs the next match after they have played). Coaches from other teams noticed as well.

The players cheered each other on, played their best, met other players from around the country and represented Concord Carlisle well.

Writing Workshop Students Visit Peabody
On 28 March, the 11th-grade students in Dr. David Nurenberg's Writing Workshop class were the guests of honor at the Peabody Middle School. These juniors had been working in class for more than two weeks on developing a "high school handbook" in response to the Middle Schoolers' questions about what life would be like at CCHS next year. The goal was for the CC students to develop their skills in research, presentation, and writing-for-an-audience as they composed online guides for topics including figuring out the schedule at CCHS, practicing good time management, how to join clubs, etc.

This project culminated in Thursday's visit, where each student presented their portion of the web-based resource they jointly created, and to which they then handed over access to Peabody for use as a permanent resource. The juniors also fielded questions about the high school from 8th graders during a Q&A session that followed, about such topics as getting to class on time, approaching teachers for extra help, and "how do you avoid being that freshman who annoys people?" Dr. Nurenberg worked closely with Peabody teacher Janice Kinney to make the project happen. "We know that students are most engaged and motivated when they are doing work for a real-world audience and purpose," said Nurenberg, "as opposed to solely as a classroom exercise. We tried to make that happen here with this assignment, and also to give the students an experience of using their writing skills to make a positive difference in others' lives."

Photos here:

Lila Hempel-Edgers Gold Medal Winner
I'm delighted to inform you that Lila Hempel-Edgers (2020)  received a Gold Medal in the 2019 Massachusetts Scholastic Art Writing Awards competition and a National Silver Medal for her black & white photography titled "Gesticulations.

Paula Sirois Poetry Contest Winners
Each year the English Department holds a poetry competition in memory of Ms. Paula Sirois, an English teacher at the high school who was a published poet and longtime advisor to Reflections.

Honorable mention was given to two students, Cara Fritz '21 and
Iris Chen '19.

The winner of the contest is Jennifer Jantzen '19.  
Her poem "Meditations" is below:

It's a morning
like any other morning:
a stool decides to be
the subject of a painting
and stands (moody black)
against the diet cream green
of the wallpaper
a shoe with limp laces
sits on the table, toe out
(flaunting a secret underbelly
of a bright rubber sole)
and the thermostat
(taking on a weathered
trailer home color)
wants to be in the background
of a contemporary piece
I am here also
although that is not important
I mean it is important
but in the way that fruit
is coupled in ceramic bowls
or in the way the sun
looks quietly
through every window.

2019 Youth Leaders for Climate Justice Showcase
At the  2019 Youth Leaders for Climate Justice Showcase, a team from Concord Carlisle High School was honored.
We took part in this semester-long deep dive into climate change and climate justice and worked on a solution for the communities.  

The following CCHS students participated in the project and event.
Aiko Ma, Akshaya Seetheram, Arya Naidu, Cole Siefer, Joachim Laurent. Michael Ngaw, Rachel Dettlebach, Vicky Chan, and Vishal Chandra.

Latin Exam Results
We are pleased to share our results from the 2019 National Latin Exam!  Our students did an outstanding job, and we are very proud of their hard work.

Out of the 96 students who took the exam, 66 received an award.  The following students received the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude. They will receive gold medals for their performance. Two of our students ** received special awards for perfect papers, a distinction earned by fewer than 0.05 % of all students taking the NLE nationwide.

** Denotes perfect paper
Latin I
Bonnie Chadwick **
Abby Long
Nicole Celi
Ayan Goel
Morgan Morel
Henry Vlacovsky

Latin II
John Griffin
Jeremy Pierpaolo
James Reilly
Elizabeth Rennert

Latin III
William Crounse**
Charles Crounse
Matthew Ngaw
Aarohi Goel
Holly West
Connor Bettencourt
Emma Sabin
Aurora Hegarty

Latin IV
Elizabeth Chadwick
Greta Kroeger

Interact Club
By Agatha Wozniak
On 5 May the Interact Club hosted a senior citizen ice cream social and trivia contest for Concord and Carlisle seniors. Over 40 senior citizen attended a fun-filled afternoon feasting on Bedford Farms ice cream while competing for local gift cards by answering trivia questions. MC Spencer Torres '19 kept the group on their toes as they moved through 4 rounds of questions, such as "Which president was 5'4'' and 100 pounds?", "Who is the current chair of the CCHS school committee?", and "Which president is on the thousand dollar bill?".  Congrats to team "Mosquito" for winning first place...the one Carlisle table! 

World Cultures Transatlantic Slave Trade Project

Student Government Election Results

President, Cindy Li

Vice President, Kenneth Liu & Mihir Singh
Secretary, Luke Pautler
Treasurer, Sarah McMorrow

Senate Moderator-Elect, William Owen
Senate Secretary, Aliana Potter
School Advisory Council Representative, Jasmine Cheung

School Committee Representative, Linda Xu & Amy Tedeschi