Friday, September 30, 2016

Principal's Blog: Important Message to Students, Football Game, Student Newspaper & More

Message to Students/Football Game
I wanted to share with you a message that was broadcast to students this afternoon. In addition, I wanted to inform you of a peaceful protest that will transpire at the football game this evening.

Earlier this week, METCO Director, Aaron Joncas, Athletic Director, Barry Haley, Health and Wellness/METCO teacher, Hannah Bruno, and the head football coach, Mike Robichaud met with the young men on the football team. We are so impressed by the thoughtful way they discussed their heartfelt feelings and processed their emotions regarding race relations in America. The team will stand together, arm in arm, during the national anthem tonight to raise consciousness about race relations and to stand united in protest. We stand with them.

The message to students.

"If you attended the opening day presentations, you might recall that I highlighted the fact that we are all different.  I highlighted the fact that we are unique individuals who practice different religions; we have different ethnic backgrounds, different financial situations, different likes and dislikes.  I then highlighted the fact that we all share one thing in common.  We work and attend school at CCHS.  This binds us and we should take care of each other.  That brings me to my next point.  As you may be aware, there have been three police shootings of young African American men in the last two weeks. This is a time of strong feelings: fear, frustration, anger, and confusion, among Americans of all races.
Our football team tonight, plans to lock arms during the national anthem as a way to raise consciousness about race relations and to demonstrate unity as representatives of CCHS.  A peaceful protest with a powerful message.  We are not immune to what is going on in the world and we can only affect so much change, but we can stand as a model for others to follow.  The football team standing united is a model to follow. We stand with them.
As of today 1/8th of the school year is complete.  I want to thank you for making the first 1/8 great and I challenge you to make the next 1/8th better."

Project Adventure

METCO Director, Aaron Joncas, and METCO Coordinator, Hannah Bruno led a day of team building exercises last weekend at project adventure. METCO mentors and mentees had a terrific day. I was happy to be invited and to participate. I have included picture of the group along with a picture of Nathan Smith scaling a wall of terrifying height.

Linnea Hubbard-Nelson
Concord-Carlisle High School senior Linnea Hubbard-Nelson will join the “best of the best” for the National Association for Music Education’s (NAFME) 2016 All-National Honors Choir on November 13, during the 2016 NAfME National In-Service Conference in Grapevine, Texas (outside Dallas). The gala concert starts at 9:00am in the Texan Ballroom at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.

The All-National Honor Ensembles Concert is one of the many highlights planned for the four-day conference taking place November 10-13, which also includes interest sessions and workshops for music educators and administrators.  Selected singers are currently rehearsing a challenging repertoire in preparation for performing under the baton of world-renowned conductor Dr. Anton Armstrong.  Linnea Hubbard-Nelson is an outstanding member of both the Choral and Drama Programs at Concord-Carlisle.

Fresh Class Officers
Congratulations to the new freshman class government representatives.

President: Gretchen Carr
Vice-Presidents: Adrian Goode, Kenneth Liu
Class Secretary: Cindy Li
Class Treasurer: Sarah McMorrow

Learning Commons

Want information on what is going on the in the Learning Commons? Read the Learning Commons Blog.

Student Newspaper
Read The Voice! Weekend Sports, Freshmen Election Speeches, New Teachers, Movie Reviews, and More

CC Weather Service
By Matt Murphy
If you stepped in a puddle today and you got annoyed when your shoe got wet, then it's safe to say that the weather is important to you.  Fortunately, CCHS has a club full of people who are interested in the weather!

CC Weather Services collaborates with the radio station and with the TV station to put out daily weather forecasts as we explore the weather on a local and global scale.  It's a lot of fun and it's really interesting stuff, so come check it out!  Please contact Matt Murphy ( or Peter Mushlitz ( if you have any questions.

CCHS Driver Education classes are starting soon!
Community Education is offering four driver education courses this fall, which includes 30 classroom hours, 12 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and 6 hours of on-the-road observation.

Fall I: #2771: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Oct 12 - Nov 16, 2:15-4:15pm
Fall II: #2712: Tuesday and Thursday, Oct 11 - Dec 6, 6-8pm
Fall III: #2713: Sunday, Oct 23 - Dec 11, 4:15-8:30pm

Tuition is $775 for class and road work, including a $15 RMV fee; other RMV fees additional

Parent class: Wednesday, October 5th from 7-9pm

College & Test Prep Classes
CC ACE offers a variety of College & Test Prep classes. Register your son or daughter today!  The College Application Essay: Practical Tips for Writing a Compelling Essay on Thursday, Oct 6, 7-8:30 pm. Fee: $20

The SAT & ACT: The Right Test for the Right Student on Thursday, Oct 13 or Thursday, Dec 8, 7-8:30 pm. Fee: $25

For more details and to register, visit or call 978-318-1432.

After School Music Lessons
By Deborah Levine

Music lessons are open to all CCHS students, after school and evenings. The fall session is underway, and new students are welcome to join at any time – lesson cost is pro-rated. Instruction is available for all band and orchestra instruments, guitar, piano and voice.
Learn more about IMSCC’s outstanding faculty at Questions? Contact Debbie Levine at, 978-341-2490 ext. 7124 or look me up in room 123 in the Dining Commons. IMSCC is part of the Community Education department of the Concord-Carlisle public schools.

Additional Links & Information

Judy Lithcott-Haimes spoke at CCHS last year. Check out her Ted Talk.

Sal Khan's Ted Talks: Let's teach for mastery not test scores.

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