Monday, October 30, 2017

Q5 Course Catalog, FAQ, Video, & Kate Flemming

Q5 Video Link

Q5 Course Catalog

As many of you have heard, the end of this school year will be entirely different from years past.  We are introducing a program called Q5, an altogether new two-week learning experience where students will select seminar courses on various topics that further engage students and teachers.  

Students & teachers will have the opportunity to try something new, take risks, explore and discover new interests, and celebrate their accomplishments while building a stronger Concord Carlisle High School.  Student participation is mandatory, and courses will be graded on a pass/fail basis; Q5 courses will be included on a student's transcript.  A few additional details:

  • With the new Q5 program we will finish our regular academic schedule after holding AP and Final exams.
  • Final exams will take place at the end of May and Q5 will follow.  
  • Q5 will span two weeks.
  • Q5 courses will be either all day for one week or half-day for either one or two weeks.  Students will be expected to participate in classes for the entire school day.
  • We plan to dedicate the November 1st Advisory and the November 8th Advisory for students to review courses.  Students will complete the course selection process in Aspen starting November 8.  Course selections will be due by Sunday, November 12.
  • We offer travel opportunities in February, April, and June, none of which are affiliated with Q5.  Students traveling in June will participate in Q5 courses during week 1 and then travel during week 2 of Q5.
  • More details to follow in the coming months.  If you have questions please contact Laurie Fortunato at 

We are really excited about this new program.  The mission statement eloquently encapsulates the anticipated Q5 experience:

"Q5 is an immersive learning experience leveraging the curiosity, knowledge, and passions of students and faculty to foster complex thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Q5 complements our academic program and seeks to inspire students and faculty to pursue shared interests and ideas."

Estimated timeline:

Q5 course catalog distributed

Early - Mid November         
Students review Q5 course catalog and select their top 10 choices

December - Feb
The Q5 schedule is developed

Early March
Student schedules announced

Early June     
Q5 begins (exact date depends on snow days)

Kate Flemming
In this week's edition of #teachertuesday we learn more about our English Dept. Chair, Ms. Kate Fleming. #concordcarlisleteachers

Why did you become a teacher?
Honestly, I wanted to talk about books all day. I thought, since going deep with a text was is a favorite activity, why not do it for a living? Eighteen years later, my work day consists of a wide variety of tasks and challenges, many of which happen outside of the classroom. But, when all is said and done, the hours of the week that I spend with kids talking about books are the absolute best. It’s dumb luck, really, that I wound-up doing a job that I love so much.

Follow the link to read more about Kate.  

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