Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fencing Team Wins States, Art Awards, High School Administration Update, & TEDX

Nearly mid-February and despite the frigid temperatures the weather has played barely a cameo role in our school year. Today the weather has a few more lines, so we released early to beat the weather.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  I can almost hear the seniors willing more snow to New England.  Please read on for some brief, but impressive student highlights, and a change at the administrator level at the high school.  Enjoy the snow and be safe!

CCHS Administration Update
Ms. Knight has decided to resign her position for personal reasons and we wish her the best.  CCHS staff member, Iolanda Volpe will assume the responsibilities for the remainder of the year.  I feel fortunate to have someone of her caliber ready and willing to take on this new challenge.  She is an exemplary teacher and World Language Department Chair, and despite these lofty accolades, a better person than she has been in those positions.

Iolanda has been part of the World Language Department at CCHS for the past 21 years.  Her love for learning and teaching world languages, literature, and cultural competency is an ongoing life- long pursuit. This is combined with her passion for working with students to instill in them a desire to learn new languages so they can build bridges across cultural and geographical divides and embrace global perspectives.

During her time at CCHS, she taught all levels of  Spanish and was in the role of Department Chair for the past eight years. Ms. Volpe has contributed to the new teacher Mentor Program both as a mentor, and Mentor Program Facilitator for several years.  She will continue her work coaching teachers in best pedagogical and student engagement practices. With students at the center of all her learning and teaching endeavors, Ms. Volpe is a reflective professional who values collaboration with colleagues and encourages students to focus on their wellbeing as much as they focus on academic excellence.  

Caitlin Smith is a well-respected member of the World Language Department and school, and she will assume the role of WL Dept. Chair.  We are happy to have her join the high school leadership team. We are fortunate to have two individuals with great capacity both ready and willing to assume responsibilities in the service of our students and school.  

All school years present different challenges and obstacles we must contend with.  This year is no different and in some respects, the challenges are greater than years past. Each obstacle presents an opportunity for a built-in excuse or a problem to be solved.  One way to teach resiliency in students is to model this essential attribute of life success. Instead of leaning on the chance to point to the built-in excuse as justification for not meeting the immensely high standards we shoulder, we roll our sleeves up, work in concert, and meet or exceed high standards regardless of circumstances.  A hallmark of a great school. Thanks for your continued support.

Fencing Team Wins State Championship

Congratulations to the Boys Fencing Team for winning a state championship at St. John's Prep over the weekend.  Nice job, CC! 

Glyn Mardis:  Me
Art Awards
The artistic talent level of the students at CCHS never ceases to amaze.  We are lucky to have a department of teachers dedicated to their craft, and a host of students with great talent and a willingness to pursue the arts.  There are may students to highlight, but the following three are the most recent.

The following three students artwork was accepted into the Emerging Young Artist exhibition hosted by the College of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts. 

This exhibition was a highly competitive juried (by Dean Laura Franz) event, 70 local schools and over 350 students submitted work. Congratulations to Glyn Mardis, Sandro Lopresti, and Henry Johnstone!

Henry Johnstone: Al Dente (Also a Gold Key winner at Scholastic Arts and Writing)

Alessandro Lopresti: Self Portrait Number 19 - Spiritual, Hearing Things from an Excerpt of Don Quixote (included in a portfolio that won a gold key at the Scholastic Arts and Writing)

Glyn Mardis:  Me (Another Gold Key winner at Scholastic Arts and Writing)

Alessandro Lopresti: Self Portrait Number 19 

CCHS students won two of the four Emerging Young Artist Awards at UMASS.

Dean's Award, Henry Johnstone – Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, MA
(Senior, Art Teacher: Joseph Pickman)

3rd Place Award, Alessandro Lopresti – Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, MA

(Senior, Art Teacher: Joseph Pickman)

Henry Johnstone: Al Dente 

By David Nurenberg & Caitlin Smith

2019 tickets now available!
CCHS is proud to announce TEDxYouth ConcordCarlisle 2019, an independently organized, licensed TED event happening on March 2nd, 2019 from 9:00am-4:30pm. 

We have twenty dynamic adolescent speakers on the topic of "Young people making a difference right now." Speakers will not only deliver their "ideas worth spreading" live at the conference, but also on video to be hosted at TEDx's website!

For more info, visit www.tedxyouthconcordcarlisle2019.com or email tedxyouth2019@concordcarlisle.org.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!

More info: Tickets are free: you can reserve your seat for one or more of our five "blocks" of speakers (see our Eventbrite order page for information about which speakers are speaking during which blocks). 

Although the Eventbrite website limits you to ordering two tickets per block at a time, you can re-load an order more if you wish. You may reserve as many tickets for as many blocks as you like, but since seating is limited, please make sure the people for whom you are reserving tickets will actually be attending.

In the event that a block is all sold out, don't worry - we have overflow space in the school cafeteria where the talks will be playing on giant video screens! There will be a pizza lunch provided from 11:40-12:20pm, free until supplies run out.
Scholarship Fund 
Join us for an amazing Community Event!

SHOP locally at participating businesses and SUPPORT them while they, in turn, SUPPORT The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle. These businesses will be making a donation to The Scholarship Fund based on their sales during our event. 

The purpose of The Scholarship Fund is to provide annual scholarships to Concord and Carlisle students with financial need and help them achieve a post-secondary school education. Look for our flyer at participating stores and restaurants, mention The Scholarship Fund while shopping and dining, and thank the businesses for their support! For more information on participating businesses, please join our SHOP and SUPPORT Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/799119270452989/

Food for Thought:

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response during taste testing on 1/31/19, we are now offering the 88 Acres Seed & Grain Bars and will soon offer 88 Acres Pumpkin Seed Butter in a Protein Box in the Grab ‘n Go snack area.  88 Acres is a local MA company.

Seedling Fact (on bar’s packaging):  In the 8th Century, King Charlemagne passed a law ordering his subjects to eat flax seeds.

Seedling Fact (on bar’s packaging):  Only 5% of oats grown worldwide are eaten by humans.

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