Thursday, March 18, 2021

Important: Response Needed for In-Person Learning Decision

Dear CCHS Community,

I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well.  We are grateful for all your support during the most challenging times.  I write with important information that requires you to respond in a timely manner.  Please read this letter carefully and complete the selection form in Aspen.  

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recently issued a mandate followed by a timeline for students to return to full-time, in-person learning.  As a result, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee voted to resume in-person, full-time learning for CCHS students starting Monday, April 26th. 

Due to state guidance, beginning April 26th students/families have two options to consider for the remainder of the school year. Students can attend school in-person, full-time 5 days per week or students can learn remotely. There will be no hybrid option following April Break.  

While we are still working out many logistics that we will communicate soon, I am writing with details allowing for a more informed decision.  Deciding what option of learning is best for the student/family is an important decision, so we encourage you to weigh the options carefully and respond no later than March 24th at 8:00AM.  

  • Learning Mode Selection Form: Parents/Guardians will select from two options.
    1. Learning remotely
    2. Learning in-person, full-time. (5 days per week, full days) 

  • The Learning Mode Selection Form
    • The form is located in Aspen under the COVID screener completed by parents each morning. (As noted above, there is no hybrid option after April break.) 
    • Complete the learning mode selection form by Wednesday, March 24th at 8:00am

Here is a link to Aspen. Under Announcements, you will see a series of links (see sample image below). In Aspen, click the link that says:  "Click here to select your CCHS student's spring learning mode".

Physical Distancing

Students will be less than six feet in classrooms, but they will not be closer than three feet. Students and staff members are to remain six feet apart.  During lunch, when students are unmasked, the minimum distance between students remains six feet.


  • Starting April 26th, students will attend class in their designated mode of learning (either in-person or remote) every day of the week. Students may not toggle between the learning modes.  
  • Attendance exceptions will remain for students who are in quarantine/isolation or if a student is unable to attend school per an excusable reason in the Student Handbook. 
  • Fully remote learners and students quarantined can livestream into classrooms. 
  • If a student is not going to be in their expected mode of learning, they must notify the high school either by phone or email. (978-318-1400 or

Parking & Transportation

There are few positive bi-products related to COVID-19, but the pandemic did alleviate parking issues at CCHS. The return of all students requires a change to our current plan. The plan is as follows.  

  • We are returning to the old seniority system that accommodated seniors before juniors. Seniors sharing spots with their classmates will need to move to another location. We will communicate additional details in April.  
  • After April break juniors cannot park on campus from April 26th through June 4th unless there are spots remaining after all senior requests are satisfied. We will communicate additional details in April.  
  • Juniors may park on campus from June 7 through the end of the academic year. 
  • For juniors impacted by this change, we are offering a pro-rated price reduction next year. 
  • I understand this is a significant disruption for juniors currently parking on campus. Unfortunately, there is no alternative at this time. Juniors can still drive to school but will need to find parking off-campus unless there are spots remaining after senior requests are satisfied.  
  • We are still working on various transportation logistics, including bus transportation and parent pick-up/drop-off. For bus ridership, please keep an eye out.


We have secured four tents that will be delivered and set up on campus later this month. These tents will provide additional seating in which students can eat lunch. Furthermore, they can serve as outdoor classroom spaces when not being used for lunch.


Given that each student will only be in one mode of learning (in-person or remote) every day of the week, we can simplify our schedule.  

AP Exams and MCAS

While not directly related, everything is intertwined, and I draw your attention to previous blog posts regarding AP Exams and MCAS.

As we finalize more decisions, we will communicate them in the coming days and weeks. 

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