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Important Update: Planning for after Break

Important Update
Spring 2021

Attendance and Zoom Expectations

The table below outlines when students can attend classes virtually. 

Zooming into class is allowed if...

Zooming into class is Not allowed If...

A student is fully remote during this period

A student has COVID symptoms (Note: In this case, a negative COVID test will be required before returning to the building)

A student is a close contact and quarantined 

A student is traveling or is awaiting results  from post-travel COVID testing

A student missed the bus, is sleeping in, or is home for social-emotional reasons

A student has a non-COVID illness/plans to return to school the following day without a test

  • Classroom teachers will mark students absent if they are not in their designated learning mode (in-person or fully remote). These options were selected by families a couple of weeks ago.  

  • Returning to our pre-COVID process, parents must notify the main office if a student will be out for an excused absence (978-318-1400 or Staff in the main office will excuse the absence. Notification the day before the absence or on the date of absence is crucial to ensure proper attendance records.

COVID Test Results

All covid test results should be sent to our nurses in the health center ( and  

Parents of students learning in-person need to continue completing the online covid screener each morning.

Traffic, Arrival, Dismissal

After the April break, we are doubling the number of students arriving on campus; it is likely there will be an increase in traffic.   A few important things to consider. 

  • Drop-off Early- The building opens at 7:30am. Waiting until the last minute to arrive on campus or drop off your student(s) will likely increase congestion.

  • Pick-Up Later- If possible, please consider picking up your student(s) 15 minutes after dismissal.  

    • In the afternoon, we are planning to continue with our same dismissal procedures. Parents who are picking up their children will do so in the loop and buses will load outside of the cafeteria. 

    • For parents picking up, we ask that you pull forward as far as possible so that we can accommodate as many cars in the loop as possible.  

  • Traffic Pattern-We will continue the same traffic pattern that we have used throughout this entire school year.  A map is available here.

  •  We will monitor the traffic flow during the first few days and then make any necessary adjustments.  We ask for your patience during this transition period.

Internal Traffic Flow

  • All of the current traffic flow patterns in the building will continue.  

  • Nearly all of the hallways in the school are one way.  

  • This document outlines the traffic patterns at CCHS.



  • Starting April 26th, we are reassigning parking spots for seniors. 

  • In the hybrid model, parking spaces are shared, and many of them are shared by two seniors; therefore, all seniors who currently have a spot will get a new parking space.

  • Students and families will receive an email from Mr. Hernandez with the new spot number.


  • As noted in my March 18th Blog Post,  juniors cannot park on campus beginning April 26th. 

  • Once the seniors graduate, juniors will be able to drive to campus for the last few weeks of the academic year.

  • Juniors can find parking off-campus; the Concord Police Department has informed that Laurel St. is no longer an option for parking.  

Calendar and Bell Schedule

  • After break every week is a maroon week (The schedule will no longer rotate between maroon and gold) 

  • A copy of the bell schedule is available here on the second tab (“Post April 26”).

  • As noted in the document, during all transition periods that are not mask breaks, even-numbered classrooms will be dismissed at the first bell.  Two minutes later at the second bell, odd-numbered classes will be dismissed to transition to the next block.

Pool Testing

  • We strongly encourage all students to participate in the COVID pool testing.  

  • For the remainder of the year, testing will be from 10:06 AM to 1:44 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

  • The location remains the multipurpose room.  As the weather warms, we may move this testing to an outside location.

  • We strongly encourage parents to sign their students up to participate in pool testing. 

  • You can sign-up in Aspen portal. You only need to sign-up once; the link is located underneath the COVID screener.    

  • Pool testing is one of the many measures we can use to ensure the safety of our community.  Here is an excerpt from Dr. Hunter’s recent communication regarding pool testing:

We have a goal of testing 2,500 students in order to ensure the safest environment possible.

In all three situations where we had positive student pools, we knew of the individual case within hours.  Through the use of the AFC Urgent Care rapid molecular ID NOW testing (the only rapid test we accept), results have been almost immediate.  I thought it was important to note that since often I hear concerns about quarantine as a reason not to test.  It is definitely also worth noting that we have so far conducted 9,254 student tests since late February with only three positive pools.

If you have any questions regarding pool testing, please reach out to one of our nurses.

New Rooms after April 26

  • To maintain social distancing larger classes will be relocated following April break.  

  • Classes that had remote teachers during the first part of the year have been assigned a physical classroom.  

  • Teachers will be communicating any changes with students this week. 

  • All students will be able to view their classroom assignments in Aspen during April break.

  • If students would like to preview where their classes will be, this document will outline how you can see this information now.


As a reminder, all current 10th graders (YOG 2023) will be required to take the MCAS this spring.  Here are the relevant dates

  • May 5 and 6: ELA MCAS

  • May  19 and 20: Math MCAS

  • On the two Wednesday test dates (May 5 and 19) busses will depart at noon.

  • On the two Thursday test dates (May 6 and May 20), sophomores will proceed to on-campus, in-person learning after testing is concluded.

  •  Buses will depart at the normal 2:41pm time.

  • For now, only grade 10 students will be participating in MCAS testing.  Additional information can be found here in Principal Mastrullo’s blog.

For all four testing dates, only grade 10 students will be on campus.  All grade 9, 11, and 12 students will be virtual and attend their classes via zoom from home.

Class Social Events

On the four Wednesdays following April Break, Class Government will host social events according to the schedule below.

  • April 28: Grade 12

  • May  5: Grade 11

  • May 12: Grade 9

  • May 19: Grade 10

Class Government will share details of these events as they are finalized.

Upcoming Dates

  • April 19-23: April Recess

  • April 26: Classes Resume

  • May 3: Professional Day - No School Students

  • May 5 & 6: ELA MCAS

  • May 19 & 20: Math MCAS

  • May 26: Senior Last Day & “Mask”erade Under the Stars

  • May 28: Professional Day - No School Students

  • May 31: Memorial Day - No School

  • June 1: Senior Awards Night (7:00pm - Virtual)

  • June 2: Senior Breakfast & Prifti Day of Service

  • June 3: Senior BBQ, class video, and yearbook signing

  • June 5: Graduation

  • June 16: Last day of school (Grades 9-11)

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